Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wonderland Cross (PA States)

Waiting in line for registration this morning, Janice turns to me & says, "You're actually thinking about doing this?!" "I'm not thinking about it...I am doing this." She gestures towards the slop, the slush, the snow... I shrug, like, what? I bite my nice, be nice. I'm sure she doesn't want to hear, "This is cross." "'ll be fine," I say. There are only 6 women. Six. We start with the C men, on their tails, in their is actually one of the most relaxing starts ever. The strategy is to needle my way through the guys, put more more more guys between me and the women. Two girls are breathing down my neck...I get passed. Passed again. No no no... The course is a slippy mucky mess...snow, a little ice, lots of greasy mud, sloppy ruts, and wet pavement. Awesome. I push myself into the lead, with Catherine ready to pounce. She passes again and holds it until we come into the first turn of the second lap...she dismounts for the rutted, muddy off-camber, while I carve a neat line between her and the tape...nice! Then it is just steady, steady, steady, stay upright... I can't see her when I make the next two turns, which means she is close behind me. Down the swoopy, long descent to the stream, I slide out down down down on my right shoulder dragging my bike along...wheeeeeee, sledding! Back up, brakes? Yes. Shift? Yes. Go go go...the gap is growing... Shifting is becoming sketchy, carrying lots of snow and mud...find a gear, stay clean...hard to clip in...everyone is kicking their heels on their pedals and chainstays, trying to free up the junk...giddyup! Last time over the final set of barriers (there were 4?!), I hear my dad & Gary shouting for me... Then I hear the announcer's voice, "Kim Dubeck of West Chester PA...the winner..." It all fades for a second as I have just won a cross thoughts are quiet, I am smiling like crazy...a muddy, wet lunatic. PA State Champ? Well, the only one that showed up, I'll take it. A hollow victory? I don't think so. There were six of us out there...conditions were tricky & I had to race smart. It's no secret that things would have turned out dramatically differently, had a few other names been thrown into the mix today...but, today it was mine. Nikki texted me on my way home, "How did it go?" To which I replied, "I won..." Because I did. We need a Christmas tree.


Anne Rock said...

Way to go! In the middle of my mtb ride today, I paused, turned to the Dirty Girls, and said, "Let's hope that KD is destroying the field!" And you did. I'm proud of you--you totally deserve it, working your butt off all season and competing like a fiend. WHOOOOOEFFINGHOOO!

JenBob said...


You're probably ready (at least more than I) for a Wednesday night ride.

kimmy said...

Someday I'll be ready for a Wednesday night ride (in my dreams)

airing out said...

A win is a win and you effing won!!!!


fatmarc said...

wins are few and far between.
state champoionships even more so.

awesome job, congratulations....

you'll be representing at nationals at the PA state champion.

best to you.


Mark said...

Ain't nothing wrong with being the PA state champ.

You gotta be in it to win it, and you were!


Suki said...

one word: