Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas...

It's all over waaaaaay too fast, but the anticipation is still my favorite part . Wishing you a Merry Christmas...a safe, happy, joyful Christmas. New Years Eve bash next week...who's in???!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sirens, Candy Canes, Prosecco, Running Shoes

Yesterday morning brought the sound of sirens...didn't take long to realize Santa was making the rounds on a fire truck, visiting every neighborhood in West Whiteland township. Everyone has a marker of what the holidays mean to them, or something that sparks their own little holiday spirit and Santa on the fire truck has been one of mine for as long as I can remember. As I bundled up for a run (seldom riding these days, but that's okay...really), the sirens grew louder and louder...finally, the huge, red truck came ambling down our street...all the neighborhood kids scurried toward the curb, hands reaching out for candy canes, the smaller children covering their ears, mouths agape in disbelief. He's here! He's here! (My mom is a sucker for this tradition, too)... My run took me through woods and neighborhoods under cold, gray the time I returned home, there were tiny icicles tangled in my hair. I'm pretty sure I went through this last year...running shoes on my feet after cross had ended. Plans to ride French Creek were foiled this morning because of nasty weather...again, it's really okay. I was up late playing Apples to Apples with my friends, drinking the Prosecco that I won at Charm City. Truly, it's all good...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kimmy Needs to Ride?

There are still days when I wake up and feel sorta...blindsided... I know, I know...Christmas is next week, the tree is up, the house is warm, there are yummy treats to be enjoyed, health & family to be thankful for, friends to catch up with, New Years Eve festivities to plan (more on that later, pencil it in)... Still, this time last year, I was plodding along... making peppermint bark... Creating a lovely Christmas card with warm wished from the Dubeck family... and I knew things were unraveling, though hoping things were just amiss, askew...still within reach... I didn't know what was coming, I couldn't have predicted my fate... Christmas, quite frankly, sucked...there, I've finally said it (exhale)... Nobody knew what was going on...sadly, I went through the motions...we all played along, ugh... Winter passed, big decisions were made... carefully, thoughtfully, little by little... until, suddenly...suddenly (!), it was July and I could no longer bear it...and I told my parents (what was I going to do, hold out forever? Wait til he moved out? Wait til I started working?)... So, here we are...back to December... And I am still grabbing at ideas and notions, trying to figure stuff out...just ordinary, everyday stuff... "Surreal" barely even nudges the way I feel... But, I am thankful and hopeful.

Friday, December 12, 2008

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Woke up to a frightfully chipper four year-old tugging at me, "Woo-hoo, no school to-day-ay...let's have an adventure!! Woo-hoo!" Several lazy hours and 2 bowls of Cheerios later, we found ourselves at a Christmas tree farm (a real Christmas tree farm!!) with a cart and saws and... Are we really cutting down a tree??! We found a beautiful, full, gorgeous-smelling tree and hauled it back to the car... The fun didn't stop there... Back home, lights were strewn, ornaments unpacked... little by little, our home became Christmas-y (!) and I found myself breathing a little easier. We chopped down a tree under cloudy, gray skies...shivering, without any complaints or whining. Miraculous. Maybe things are looking up?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


...maybe I'll watch Transition tonight. again. sigh...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Catching Up

My son turned four...his newest "thing" is calling me "Kim" or "Kimmy" or "Kimm-o"... Um, No. I took Colin to see David Byrne... I was sick & didn't touch my bike all week... My mom's brother passed away. I finally got the ball rolling on the IF fork I won at Granogue (I know, back in May)...thinking of converting the Litespeed to a rigid singlespeed...why not? My hair is getting long. I haven't spent enough time with my friends (but, this is the last weekend of racing). I am underwhelmed by my lack of preparedness for the holidays...I mean, Santa will arrive no matter what...right? Three friends are getting married this year and one is having a baby (one had a baby recently and I have yet to meet him)...just because my own marriage broke up does not mean I am cynical or bitter (ewww)...I am still a hopeless romantic, I still believe in love. So there.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sick Day

Down and out...again. I am housebound/couchbound... Sniffle sniffle. There are eleven messages on my voicemail because it hurts to talk and I don't have the energy to answer the phone... waah wah wah... One of my bestest friends brought me ice cream last night to soothe my sore throat...minutes later, I had hives INSIDE my mouth, clowny lips, and an itchy throat...who has an allergic reaction to Better Batter ice cream with chocolate chips??? Me, that's who. No cross practice today... I guess practice is officially over now. I am rambling now because I am lonely and bored. My almost-four-year-old is at school...tomorrow is his birthday. This time 4 years ago, my due date was 5 days away... I was dilated, exasperated... Sunny Son had dropped & I was sensing some funny kind of wave deep inside me... I was probably doing what I am doing right now...snuggling a blanket, watching bad bad TV, all alone (no, wait...Hazel was still around...sigh)... counting the hours til the Christmas Parade. Now I am counting the hours til David Byrne, wondering if I can make it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Day To Be a Perna (PA State Championships presented by Team VisitPa.Com)

BP (PA State Cyclocross Champ 55+)
...and Me (PA State Cyclocross Champ B Women)
I know we still have one race remaining before we wrap up the 2008 cross season, but I really need to acknowledge the fact that my dad has been so supportive of my crossmania this year...
Yesterday's race was won for him...thanks, Dad!
photos courtesy of Anthony Skorochod

The New Kings of Rhythm at Vincent's

Lap One (I mean, Set One): 2nd turn (I mean, song), Rob broke a spoke (I mean, string) during a searing attack (I mean, guitar solo)...his teammate (I mean, sax player) took a pull (I mean, solo) while Rob exchanged bikes (I mean, guitars) in the pit... oh, cut it out!! There is only one race left...until then, fully, utterly, completely immersed. Sorry!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Whitmore's Super Cup...or, Weekend in the Hamptons

Day One (my dad's start)
Kera & Kathrin (and her frozen chocolate donut)
Lynne Bessette (what cooking lessons??)
BP driving on the beach...(and not getting stuck...right, Kathrin?!..phew)
"Hello, Seinfeld? Diddy? Are you there?"
Day Two...facing the chill...again
Christina & Angela
BP hanging onto 3rd in the Masters 55+
and...the MAC women on the podium!
Isn't it always a little weird coming back after a weekend like this?
I mean, you're gone three days...not terribly far away from home...
You raced twice.
You froze froze froze your ass piled on all manner of warm clothing and thought about racing in your booties and balaclava.
You couldn't hide from the wind, except for maybe a brief respite in the wooded sections of the course.
You explored your surroundings, marveled at the the enormity of the homes...the unique architecture...the whitecaps on the water...the clean sand...the ridiculous gates (and ordinary mailboxes)...
You shared a lovely meal and a glass of wine with your main competitors (an extraordinary, memorable dinner at WildThyme, the race promoter's restaurant)...
You probably destroyed your pumpkin soup, as a matter of fact.
You earned a medal or earned a spot on the podium with the leaders of the series, which is gratifying and maybe a little surreal (you know, considering all the other pieces of your proverbial puzzle)...
You probably cheered for your fellow MAC brothers & sisters (and dads, of course)...
You got to know the competition a little better (on & off the course).
You stood, a little starstruck, in the midst of the Kings & Queens of cross (and maybe even exchanged a little pre-race banter with an ultra-friendly, ultra-approachable Georgia Gould)...
You're back on the road, exhausted & content...season drawing to a close...heading home.
It was a great weekend, right?!

(friday) "Look outside!!"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Count On It

Any time I have travel plans, I freak out the day before or day of departure... doesn't matter where I am going, how I am getting there, or who I am going with... doesn't matter if it's something I've been eagerly anticipating (Nationals, Jamaica?)... ineveitably, some form of a panic attack or gnawing anxiety will consume me just as I am about to make a list or gather my gear or pack my bags. RRRRRRRR. just sayin...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it's not cold outside it's not cold outside...

Good day for Toko gloves, don't you agree?? Hey, here is big news: Diablo went to sleep without Binky last night for the first time ever (besides maybe a few random hours here or there during infancy). Yes, he will FOUR in a matter of weeks (holy shit, I have an almost-four year-old)...but, so what? Took me forever to give up my binky. Upon waking this morning, he said, "You were right, mom. I slept GREAT without it. I can't believe it!" Ha. I was right. Other stuff on my mind: The horror stories I keep hearing about the drive to Long Island are disheartening. I like my new job & I hope they keep me around. My son says "Linja" for's cute...but, he almost pronounces "yellow" correctly now (I kinda miss "reddow"). The snow flurries were way too brief yesterday. We heard "Run, Run, Rudolph" on the way to dinner last night, and I was not compelled to change the station... I bought a Christmas present.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Enjoying the Moment (USGP Mercer Cup Day One)

I will not be racing Day Two of the Mercer Cup tomorrow...truly got my fill today and I am happy to admit I need a break! I. Had. So. Much. Fun. Muddy, muddy, muddy legs are thrashed, pummeled, bike? The same (oh, you poor, poor wheels...) Check this out...the sand was the best (only?) recovery out there. The fly-over? satisfying to just blast down after trudging up those murderous steps. I am proud of the way I raced today, happy with my handling, happier about my attitude... the competition out there was no joke...I am so impressed with the field of women I've been racing among this year. After my race, I doled out some outstanding oatmeal white chocolate chip-cranberry cookies to Karen & Rolf ("Cookies, Rolf!! Step on it!!"), then settled in to watch my dad's race. Side note: No, BP, does not suffer from's the way he has breathed for as long as I can remember (yes, even at the dinner table or driving home from a race...kidding)... So, my dad's race: Wonder what it's like to line up with Fred Wittwer and Richard Richard Fries remarked, "What an esteemed field" No kidding...BP hung onto 3rd for a while, then Nunzio (love that name) pulled spite of a side-stitch and horrendous conditions, my dad finished strong as always... A good day for the Pernas, once again. Other thoughts about today: I've said it before, but I really love cross...I love the way I feel after the race, the camaraderie, travelling with my dad (who, thankfully, always has good music on in the car...always), catching up with friends, shouting and cheering for all the familiar faces...I love the sound of the cowbells and the swishing tires cutting through the grit and mud, working with someone strong, gasping words of encouragement, finding the right line, slogging through chewed up grass and puddles... Still, Count me out for tomorrow... good luck & have fun!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Be There

New Kings of Rhythm Vincent's (Gay Street, West Chester) saturday Nov. 15 10pm (my favorite place to see my brother play)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

busy, busy, busy weekend...

Go, Phillies!...I mean, Go, Lorien & John!! Me, my brother (Rob), & Renee My cousin, Lorien, the lovely Bride & BP (he cleans up nicely, too, huh?) MEGAAAAAA!!! who needs cowbells??? I heard her voice everywhere Sunday!
55+ Podium (55+...really??)
West Chester Veteran's Day Parade
Friday Night: dinner at the Perna's...early to bed.
Saturday: Beacon (ahhhh, I love this race, even when I am getting stomped and demoralized), followed by my cousin's wedding (no, I didn't bring my dancing shoes...and only drank half a glass of red wine)...early to bed.
Sunday: HPCX (where Lenore kicked my ass, but I stole her pink pump...okay, she gave it to me), followed by the parade in WC (led by our favorite local bulldog)...
Next up, Mercer Cup!

Friday, November 7, 2008

More Things I Like These Days:

Rippy Jeans the Killers anything gray, any shade of gray almonds Green tea, boiling hot salty bath, boiling hot Spiuk mountain bike shoes burt's bees pomegranate shampoo Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science Italian chocolate SRAM Force Halloween my dad's new pre-race pasta red knee socks from American Apparel facebook (my latest obsession/time-waster) Nike armwarmers (thanks, Anne Rock...really, I can keep them??) my son's haircut Santa Maria Novella Melograno perfume (revisited after an involuntary hiatus) fall!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cross-Eyed & Painless

Count Basie Theater Red Bank, NJ
No fucking way!
Still too blown away to comment on seeing David Byrne last night with my dad & brother.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Naps!

...but, where's the tortoise?? Christina won! Sean Awwwwww!
This is a cross race!
and the winner's alter ego, The Chicken, before the Elite race
Wayne Scott Fair Hill CX:
So, the Hare finished her race and was met with, "What happened, did you have a mechanical??"
And, "What happened to you out there?"
Well, the Hare did not stop to nap (or even relax).
The Hare certainly did not brag or boast about her fast pace...uh-uh.
The Hare was up late trick-or-treating with her leveret, the Wolverine...
The Hare didn't touch her bike allllll week long because she was sick and stressed out about missing work (she is, after all, still the Newbie)...
The Hare just wanted to show up and ride one of her favorite courses ever...hop hop hop over some barriers, scamper up a muddy little hill, and motor through a pit filled with sand and chewed-up tires!! Fun, fun, fun...
One spot out of the top 5, I mean, is that really so bad???
And just for the record, slow and steady does not win a cross race either, that's for sure...
The moral of this story??'s painfully obvious!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whirlybird Presented by Guy's

I didn't wake up at 5:30am to do anything less than try my very, very hardest to kick ass and suffer suffer suffer in the healthiest manner possible...I didn't wake up at 5:30am on a Saturday to drive alone, in the rain, to just sit in...I've been working hard, trying to take care of myself & trying to race the strong race...Is oatmeal enough to sustain me this morning?...Do I really feel better or am I just stubborn??...
Am I ever going to hear something new again that I really like??? (oh, wait...thank god for TV on the Radio...I need to get "Dear Science"...)...Is this my exit?...
Guy's Racing should be commended for the awesome event they presented at Bryn Athyn College today...contrary to the initial uninspiring appearance of the course, there was much fun to be had on the swoopy berms, tricks little descents and other challenging features (spiral, anyone?)...
Yay, Guy's...nice work!!
As for the crossy weather and slick conditions?
Well, if you didn't go down today, you weren't racin!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wissahickon Cross at Ludwig's Corner

I loved this course. I disliked this race. Wait...I liked riding the sand (the best recovery out there today, in my humble opinion)... I liked pedaling through the spiral... I liked the uphill barriers and ensuing frenzy under the Victory tent... I liked working with stress riding her strong & capable through all the tricky spots...we traded pulls for two laps and sprinted to the finish...although she got me by maybe a wheel, maybe a little more, I was happy to finish strong for the top 5... Then, "What happened out there, Dubeck?" Or, "Fifth?? Ugh!" Or, "You feel alright today?" What happened out there?? Well... I raced my bike out there... I rode a smart, clean race in the wind, through traffic, after beating myself up righteously at Granogue the day before. That's what happened...jeez. After watching my dad ride an inspiring race and cheering for the killer B's, we headed home... I immediately passed out for two solid hours...legs on fire, still, from the morning's balm. I have faith that Guy's will redefine the Whirly Bird next Saturday...until then, mindful recovery & hard work!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Granogue CX 2008

Me & Renee
Anne, seriously, what??
Ok, that's only smile on the podium?
Rutgers...crushing the competition in Field Hockey and Cross...with style!
Skinny-Ass Mega
Colin-o (your jacket matches Anne's jeans)
Amy Breylala
The New Kings of Rhythm
Gasp!! (get outta my shot motherfu**er!!)
I got beat by a mountain bike. Again.
(tomorrow...I have some left for tomorrow)
I still love love love every twist & turn & nasty root & churny hill on this brilliantly challenging course.
(and, okay, I need to gush about the DCCofD and the awesome event they present year after year...the race was no joke, the vibe was purely fun, the prizes were generous and useful...thank you!)
The sun was shining for my entire Granogue.
Once again, the sun was SHINING for my entire race.
I spent most of today with my dad & my family & my friends...with the New Kings of Rhythm providing the soundtrack...
I took a hot bath, followed by a looooooooong nap.
Kitsune udon is calling my name.
Ludwig's Ludwig's Yeah yeah yeah!!