Saturday, January 26, 2008

True Romance


Watch out! Building a bike, building a bike ! Edging closer and closer to the upcoming season...I'm setting my sights on some very specific races and looking forward to traveling (just a little bit) afar for new scenes & new scenery. Trying to convince my dad to participate in a 24 Hour Event (Conyers is on my wish list, but may be out of reach this year)...I am not interested in completing an entire series or chasing points. I am deeply interested in challenging myself further & racing my ass off. Selectively.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Like A Magnet...I Couldn't Help Myself

Set out for a spontaneous solo road ride on the mudhoney this afternoon... Intended to just cruise the usual loop, maybe double up one of my favorite climbs... Kinda windy, kinda cold...kinda. Found myself taking a left where I would typically go straight. Next thing you know, I am churning my way up Skelp Level Road (ohhhh...I did forget to eat since breakfast this morning)... Suddenly, there I am, charging the trails...feels like cross to me. You know how there are thinking rides & not-thinking rides? Totally a not-thinking ride... My bike took me to the trails and back home...nothing at all on my mind, no wheel to follow, just crunching along through the gravel, pine cones, and a little bit of ice. Stopped by my mom's to return a borrowed wind vest and she had a bag of non-pareils on the kitchen counter, beckoning. Yummy yums. Chocolate fix. Now for the thaw...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


my mom's sassy bowling shoes ...and ball (inscribed with her name, Mare)
Ikey Ikes
Grampy's turn
"Hold me, hold me, hold me!!"
Seems I've been spending a lot of time over at the Dtown trails these days...
Joined my dad and son for some play time in the wood this morning, then we surprised Grammy at the Bowling Palace (she kicks ass).
While my son napped (and Jeff played Wii...), I ran for nearly an hour carving out a nice route that took me past the buffalo (you heard me), through the woods, along the power lines, and into my neighborhood.
The legs are slightly thrashed...feels great.

Monday, January 21, 2008

22 Degrees

Just a fun, scenic, late-afternoon ride with my calamities, no mishaps (unless you count avoiding a crash by railing your head into a tree), no frozen hands or feet...
The icy areas were tricky...front wheel would agree with me, then it was like "oh, shit!...stay up...wibble wobble stay cool!" Took a while to figure out how throw my (hulking) weight around...the best hour of my week so far (yes, I realize it is only Monday...)

Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday, as I trudged (on foot), pushing my bike up the short, steep hill (which I really wanted to clean, but spun spun spun out), I found myself wondering how something like this could possibly make me feel better? Cold, alone, sweating and awkwardly pushing my bike up a slippery hill... Then it occurred to me... Of course, this makes me feel better. Outside. In the woods. Snow falling. Quiet. Moving. Riding. Pushing. Rolling, spinning, pedaling, carving, winding, weaving, mashing, pounding... Got back on my bike, crossed the rickety bridge...finished up my ride climbing one of my favorite hills... that is all it takes sometimes!


I fell apart during my reading... I really wanted someone to come up and take over... I paused and breathed and kept my gaze down... I breathed some more... I continued, shaky and unsure... my voice filled up the space around me, trembling and heavy... Finally it was over and my son patted my arm as I took my seat. Kids are amazing (understatement, I know I know)... My cousin got up next for the intercessions and she was strong & steady, even as she spoke of her own father and our grandmom... Most of the day was kind of blur. There was a bugle and taps at the burial, which was incredibly moving...then the presentation of the flag. My kid has a fever and fell asleep in the car...he behaved in church and was in awe of the stained glass.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Day

Nearly 5 am, my son climbs into bed with me, then pads softly back to his own... Jeff has already left for work. I wonder if he was sleepwalking... Around 10 am, convince the Little Hellion a haircut is just what he needs...which always goes soooo smoothly (quite the involves all manner of bribes, Smarties, Lollipops, and empty threats). In spite of his best efforts, the Hellion has a devilishly handsome little haircut to match his devilish demeanor (cut-outs for his horns, of course). By 2pm I am swooshing through snow covered trails, pedal pedal pedal...find myself following tracks, yet not a soul to be found. Quiet, snowy, white, and cold. 5:30pm I am on the road in horrific traffic pointed toward Havertown for my grandpop's viewing. People are driving as though it is Armageddon...It's just snow. Relax. For two utterly peaceful hours, I am in my car listening to music. All by myself... I drive past the apartment we lived in when I was little, above the wallpaper store. I drive past the Swell Bubblegum Factory and try to smell it. Around 9pm I am overcome with hunger and exhaustion...tomorrow will be a long day. Heading home. 10pm...after a hot bath, scrambled eggs on toast seems like a good idea. Shortly thereafter, the stacks of dishes piled high in the sink (since...oh, Tuesday??) get the best of me. Scrub scrub scrub... 11pm check on the Kid, turn off his flashlight, kiss him goodnight. It's that simple.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thank You, friends

...for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers.

Blank Paper, Rainbow of Sharpies!

My brother asked me write/illustrate the jam list at the open mic he hosts at Spence... we share an affinity for Sharpies. And tequila. We should hang out more often...(at least during the off-season)!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Only Moves Forward (rest in peace)

This morning my grandfather passed away... I sort of knew not to rush when my alarm went off this morning. I kind of sensed the day was not going to go as planned... something made me stay put, under the I know what it was. I spent time with my family today. I rode Downingtown with my dad (because I still have a dad, thank god)... I am meeting my brother for a drink later & I will listen to some good music...I'm sure my brother will feel inspired tonight. My grandpop lived a remarkable life...and I miss him already.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mommy Needs A Vacation

Found myself searching for the escape hatch today... an eject button... a space capsule... a ticket to Belize or British Columbia... I'd settle for a warm brownie.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, winter brings insomnia... it also brings yoga Saturdays. Amazing how the body falls right back into the poses & the rhythm, how the breathing comes back so naturally... Amazing how quickly 75 minutes passes.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yay for Me...

Let's go let's go let's go...
Night ride with BP...
Other than one Big Bad Bungle (slow-mo, choose between a rock in the knee or a stick in the eye...I'll take the rock...knee & hip ouchy ouch ouch), nothing but fun fun chilly night time Fun.
If this doesn't help me sleep, nothing will.
Shannon got a mountain bike.
Chia Shrek has sprouted (it's a Chia mullet right now).
"Waitress" is on Direct TV tonight.
I am lusting a steel Sola...


"Hello, Mrs. Dubeck?"
"Your son is inconsolable and he would really like his mommy to come get him."
Such is the first week of preschool...
Next week we are to try the "comfort object" as a means to ease the transition...
Goody, goody...Blue Bear gets to go to school, too!
As a former preschool teacher, I have been on the other side of this...I'm sure my kid was a mess, I'm sure they tried everything before they called.
Again, paying for the seamless pregnancy & easy (relatively speaking, of course) delivery.
Paybacks paybacks paybacks.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mid-Week Adventure

Things to do at Longwood Gardens on a Wednesday morning:
-Pretend you are a gargoyle
-Hide from the Kraken
-Count miniature pineapples
-Run laps (illicitly) around the "Jungle Book Room" (or as we refer to it, "Mowgli's Hideout")
-Eat enough gummi bears to make you sick
-Smell orchids, lilies, oranges, and lavender
-Throw coins in the fountains
-Stare down a fire-breathing dragon
-Hop over puddles
-Examine tiny pine cones & berries
-Stomp across every bridge you encounter (careful not to stir the dreaded Bridge Monster)
-Wander through a maze
When you are through, go home and take a killer nap.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Road Warrior

Built for speed in 1985...back when I thought I was the next Shirley Muldowney.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Did You Just Say, "Scuse Me, Little Lady?"

Rolling across the plank bridges, through the pines (and damn, it smells soooo great back there right now), I can feel a group of Big Boys on their Big Rigs huffing & puffing, breathing down my neck...
"...'Scuse me, little lady..."
I politely yield, let them have their way with the trail...
Cause I know I will catch them on the next rocky climb.
Oh, look...there they are.
Huff puff huff puff...
One, two, three...there's the fourth gent..
"Excuse me..."
Zip zip zap...not to be seen again.
Little lady???
Come on.
That was day one (Saturday) at French Creek, joined by my dad & an out-of-towner (Ryan of Bethlehem) who asked to tag along.
Fun ride, cold feet (for the first time since last winter...seriously), good company (except for the droves and droves of douchebags...there I said it).
After my ride, picked up a bevy of soft pretzels & a case of Stella to party with the cool kids...
pined for cross a little (Ryan Trebon projected onto the wall got me right in gut just a little bit), yet was delighted to see everyone all spiffy, clean, and relaxed.
This morning, regrettably declined the Fair Hill ride (even the lure of waffles couldn't persuade me to venture back to MD).
A little later, regrettably declined the Wiss ride with Kristin & Nikki (legs still pummeled from a spirited ride the day prior).
Accepted a third offer to ride with Kristin Lamb later in the afternoon...she nailed it with the words, "I haven't been on my bike since November." Ahhhh, just what I needed.
So, while the boys napped (or played Wii...who knows), I ducked back into the woods for a muddy, churny romp...we found ourselves staking out plans for the upcoming season. Kristin is thinking Wilderness 101...I am thinking 24 Hours of Conyers.
In the meantime, I am enjoying the ride.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Dear Santa Claus, I would like the real Spiderman web blaster that shoots webs, water, and suction cups. And a Scooby Doo Chia Pet. Thank you & Merry Christmas... Santa broke the mold for Scooby Chia, so Shrek had to suffice...what an involved process! I had no idea...if this doesn't teach the kid patience, I don't know what will. So help me god if the motherfucker doesn't sprout! It's been an exhausting day...dashing through the mall in search of a wallet with mom & son, a little crisis intervention with a friend, sixty five dollars worth of dry cleaning, failing to obtain those coveted cute boots, and Chia prep. The Chia prep is what did me in...I can handle everything else. If only I could sleep...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Sunshine & snowflakes today... I get a kick out of that. Now the wind is howling & the trails are drying...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Revelry Part II

Yeah...the Perna's know how to do it...we party on New Year's Day, too.
Pinatas, light sabers, cupcakes, and a few tasty Urthels (enjoyed by the big boys)...
The day began with a solid birthday ride with BP (now he is actually his racing age...). Yep, my dad is 55 and he was kicking my ass on every hill. And every descent. And pretty much any flats (wait, what flats?)...I have really grown to love riding just about anywhere, anytime.
The day ended with the whole family beating the hell out of a Spiderman Pinata in the basement of my parent's house.
We took turns, we played nice...our own little Hellion consumed way too much sugar (the Pinata was his idea).
In other news, my husband obtained a Wii.
I disapprove.
Happy New Year!


2008 is here...