Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Day

Nearly 5 am, my son climbs into bed with me, then pads softly back to his own... Jeff has already left for work. I wonder if he was sleepwalking... Around 10 am, convince the Little Hellion a haircut is just what he needs...which always goes soooo smoothly (quite the involves all manner of bribes, Smarties, Lollipops, and empty threats). In spite of his best efforts, the Hellion has a devilishly handsome little haircut to match his devilish demeanor (cut-outs for his horns, of course). By 2pm I am swooshing through snow covered trails, pedal pedal pedal...find myself following tracks, yet not a soul to be found. Quiet, snowy, white, and cold. 5:30pm I am on the road in horrific traffic pointed toward Havertown for my grandpop's viewing. People are driving as though it is Armageddon...It's just snow. Relax. For two utterly peaceful hours, I am in my car listening to music. All by myself... I drive past the apartment we lived in when I was little, above the wallpaper store. I drive past the Swell Bubblegum Factory and try to smell it. Around 9pm I am overcome with hunger and exhaustion...tomorrow will be a long day. Heading home. 10pm...after a hot bath, scrambled eggs on toast seems like a good idea. Shortly thereafter, the stacks of dishes piled high in the sink (since...oh, Tuesday??) get the best of me. Scrub scrub scrub... 11pm check on the Kid, turn off his flashlight, kiss him goodnight. It's that simple.

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