Sunday, February 10, 2008

Insomnia Rules My World

So, the weight of the world does not keep me up at case you were wondering. Quite simply, it is purely seasonal, dictated by the shorter days & dreary weather... So,'s not as if I am plagued by worries and such. Well, that is not entirely true. I worry plenty... about: What color headset will look sassy with my (awesomely beautiful) new frame!

I fret about:

The fact that my son will only eat gummi bears, ice cream, cinnamon toast, and chocolate...(and I also wonder how I should react when he begins to strip down and climb up on the table during dinner, throwing bacon and french toast in his wake...).

Sometimes (most of the time) the kid truly has exceptional manners, but sometimes...jesus!

Yes, of course I think about the bigger things, and of course there are sometimes "bigger things" weighing on my mind, but mostly I simply cannot fall asleep.



mindless magazines,

sleepy music,

even a comic book (my friend insisted I check out Deadman...I have to admit, once I put my skepticism aside, I really dug it)

Colored pencils,

blank notebooks,



It is already February.

In some respects, this has been an easier winter...some.


a cold & windy ride on frozen trails.


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