Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jigsaw Falling Into Place...

I feel healthy again. Yesterday I took my lonely cross bike out for a spin and found myself charging pretty hard... for no reason other than I just felt like...hammering? I am lucky I like to play outside. I am lucky I like cold weather. I am lucky to have time and desire to ride a bike. All the pieces fit yesterday legs felt strong, I had the roads to myself ('cept for a few courteous school buses), and there was an excellent playlist in my right ear. It's not hard to have fun when all the pieces fit.

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Matt said...


Do you just leave the ipod on shuffle or do you skip songs - if so do you have a remote? I'm thinking about finding a wireless remote of some sore. Also, do you find it a pain in butt to keep the cord in place?? Any tips?