Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shooting Satellites & Lunar Eclipse Ride

Snow ride. French Creek. Me, my dad, and Sean. Slow going, frustrating start. Find a rhythm, find a groove...okay, let some air out that rear tire, now I know where we are. Let's have some fun! Stop to marvel at the full moon, fading snow flurries, and excellent conditions. Revisit the scene of the crime (the robbery of Sean's cross season), double back and climb out... Scramble quickly through super fun snow covered trails. Running down the lights...almost out. Down down down past the cabins, back to road. Uh-oh...the road is deceptively icy. Uh-oh...thud, slide, crash, skidddddding...motherf***er, ouch ouch. That's my head. That's my ass. That's my elbow. That's my lower back. That is an eclipse happening in the sky... I don't know...I think this bike thing is here to stay. I don't think this is going away any time soon. How can you forget a night like this?

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