Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fair Hill

Okay...there is this little feature on the last is a hand-hewn tree/log/stunt (?)...not particularly high off the ground or anything, not particularly death-defying or anything... a feather I wanted in my cap, nonetheless. So, we are waiting for Susan and I approach the obstacle, thinking okay, there is the line...just roll up to it, just get on it, you're different than a balance beam (my favorite part of gymnastics when I was, oh, seven)... So, I ride it and I'm going, "Holy shit! Holy shit!" and my dad is kinda looking at me, puzzled, like, Is she trying that? Wait, did she just ride that? Cause it wasn't that long ago that I was hopping off my bike for sticks that I was calling logs. The whole ride put me in a great mood & bought me an uninterrupted night of solid sleep. Nearly eight hours...eight hours!! My dad was right...we needed a ride like that.


Suki said...


I love the tricky stuff. my fav was the time oqui bailed on a log (too big, he yelled as he unclipped and walked it)...

then came I.

fuck it, I said. I'm riding it.

I bit it so incredibly big time (mostly cause he didn't think I was gonna make it...and stood right in my landing spot).

it (and the chain ring scar I have to prove it) was awesome.

airing out said...

That's awesome.