Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Called Insomnia and It (Mostly) Sucks

Lately I have managed to fall asleep at a pretty decent hour... the falling asleep part, I've got that down now. It's the waking up in the middle of the night that gets me again...I'm not going to stress too much, only because I know spring is mere weeks away. If this is like any other winter I have experienced in my adult life, I know sleep will return to (my version of) normal soon soon soon. I remember bouts of this when I was a kid...looking back, I can't relate it to a season or find a pattern. I just remember so many nights, watching the second hand spinning slowly...wondering if anyone else, anywhere, was awake counting their stuffed animals or glancing repeatedly at the window for vampires. Kid stuff. Sometimes it would bother me and I would call out for my mom or dad and feign a bad dream, just to wake someone up...even if it was only for a minute. At least now, I can sort of enjoy the peace and quiet...I mean, I would rather be sleeping. Yeah, it is quiet!

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