Saturday, March 8, 2008

Little Miss Cranky Wants To Race

So Little Miss Cranky read about the Camp Hilbert race in Virginia... Just minding her own business, geeking out on Bikereg... "Oh my! A mountain bike race tomorrow! Could it be?" Why, yes... it's only a four hour drive. Where is everybody's sense of adventure? Okay, the weather sucks. Conditions are probably less than ideal. Maybe it was Fernando's testimonial about the course. Maybe it was that little feeling that nudged Miss Cranky at the finish line of the French Creek course last week...she thought to herself, ooohh I remember that feeling when you cross the line and they record your number and sort of nod at you and acknowledge that you're finished your race...ahhhh... The phone just rang. It was Miss Cranky's Mudhoney calling from BP's basement, begging, "This is your Seven. Take me out on the road tomorrow." Her voice sounded strange. She wins. Miss Cranky will have to wait to race. Not long, though!

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Matt said...


You should've made the trip down to Camp Hilbert, great venus.