Friday, March 21, 2008

Looks Like I Will Be Okay After All...

Ripping through my favorite trails, fast & feisty...not a single care in the world. I was a girl on a mission this afternoon, peeling back layers and layers of pent-up anger and frustration... The worst thing about such a fantastic ride is the inevitable insomnia that follows... Amped. I close my eyes and there are the rocks and roots, there is the trail undulating before me... a ribbon of soggy leaves and red dirt unfurling with every pedal stroke. Amped amped amped. I was able to stay with BP's steady tempo today and ride every descent with greater confidence and control than ever before. Kinda like a breakthrough ride... Spring is officially here. Made it through the winter and my sleep should sort itself out soon. Has to.

1 comment:

spicyride said...

we are getting more snow. boo.
spring will probably be here when summer is supposed to start. we can't even go do trail maintenance! which is what usually gets us through these yucky spring months around here.