Saturday, April 5, 2008

Is Today My Birthday? Not Yet...Tomorrow...

Tomorrow is my birthday... I will be thirty-three. My last memorable birthday was 2004. I am not one of those "It's just a big deal..." kind of people. I get excited about birthdays. Thirty to thirty-three has been a quick jump...mostly because I have become someone's mom, I'm sure. Thirty-two feels like twenty-six, twenty-seven?? You won't hear me lamenting about my age (yet)...just happy to be here. So, I will be celebrating my birthday at Marysville...doing my best to help my relay team kick some ass and start off the season with a bang! (does anyone else know that song or did my parents make it up?) and no, I will not sing it. Ever.


spicyride said...

happy birthday Kim!!! i too like my birthdays. my hubby is annoyed by his. i don't remember how old i am anymore, i lost track after 32. but i never forget my birthday.

Anne Rock said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! See you at Fairhill. I'll be cheering like mad!

Anne Rock said...

Happy Birthday! I remember 33. We rode rigid forks and SPDs had just been invented. I had a pet dinosaur but we had to get rid of him because he refused to be housebroken. Good luck at Marysville! See you at Fairhill?

airing out said...

Happy birthday! For the next few months you will be as old as me... 33 is pretty good, though I forgot how old I was today when someone asked me and I said 31. ???

I agree, birthdays are a big deal and should be CELEBRATED! All month LONG! Enjoy!!!

Suki said...

well happy damn birthday to you!!!

so you had the monkey at 30 and didn't get fat, lazy or die?

awesome. perhaps I'll stop writing my fitness will and make plans to resume a normal lifestyle again.


I'm just gonna mope.

have a drink for me. make it two!