Saturday, May 10, 2008

On the Rocks at Frech Creek 08...or, a little less blogging, a little more riding...

Seen, heard, felt: 23 (?) miles of slippy, muddy, sweaty, hilly trails...(rocky? yes, that, as well)... "You can give up the ice cream, but definitely not the beer." Yay, permission granted!! This put a smile on my face. "Your tires are pumped way too high, you're bouncin all over the place!" Dude, ride your own race...worry about yourself. Hurtin, I am hurtin. "This is your home turf, you should be smokin it!!" (this, as I struggle up orange the SECOND time). Shut, the f**ck up. dropped my blueberry Luna Moons and STOPPED to pick them up...and ATE THEM...ate the dirty, sticky little bitches. Thorns, literal thorns, in my side...ahhh, a soft, slow landing on a mossy rock... Climbing purple, walking the first rock trudging. I was trudging. but, she won't let those robots defeat me...Finally, a pleasing song stuck in my head. Results posted, nothing worse than hearing, "At least I wasn't last." To which I reply, "I was last." $45 cold hard cash...for 7th place (out of 7)...sweeeet. Eww, I just said "sweeeet." Crumpling into a lonely heap in the tall, weedy grass after my race...sitting on a dirty towel, head in my hands...nearly bursting into tears. For what?? It's a mountain bike race. Why are all the Sport riders so cheerful??? RRR, Anne Rock, you wanna fight? Let's go, biatch. So, now what? Now I scratch out all the head games and get on the bike and do my thing... "It's all for cross" anyway... well, mostly.


Matt said...


Just after doing 25 miles at Michaux, and doing almost 24 here, that's a great job!

I've talked to a few people that made the upgrade and the first season takes some time to get going. You'll be rockin' it soon enough.


Suki said...

to ride (or walk or even drive) 23 miles of ANYTHING sounds like a major accomplishment to me.

Anne Rock said...

I'll fight ya. But first I'll have to catch you. See, you're fast. Really fast.

Now go have fun.

megA said...


It's okay! We've all been there before, and some of us more than others, but there are times when it does all come together and we feel so good and natural and flowy and we smile and we laugh and we go really fast and feel really strong. Think back to one of those times and relive it and know that you will be there again soon.

Then--move on. Dwelling on it all is bad. It is over and the next time you ride it will be different.

Think FLOW and let it all GO.