Saturday, June 28, 2008


Okay, so the cast on my left arm is a nuisance...of course. Thanks to the magic of Gore-Tex, I can get it completely wet...yes, it feels like a soggy, leaden appendage for at least an hour following a shower or bath, but at least I don't have to keep it dry. Today, however, I feel nearly claustrophobic and trapped in my own feels swollen & itchy (to be expected) and I just want to yank it off and cut it to pieces (the cast, not the arm). Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's just my mood, but for the first time since this little mishap occurred, I'm all, "Get it off!! Get this thing off of me! RRRRRR!!" In the scheme of things, it's really nothing...a broken bone, big deal. But, it's my stupid little broken bone and a girl's gotta ride... You know? I mean, weekend. The hill climb... wahhhhhhh.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summertime Rolls...

Last night found me hosting a last-minute gathering (the best kind, in my opinion)...I thought Liz & Brian were coming over for dinner. In a matter of hours, the list grew...suddenly 8, no 9, friends descended upon my home (much to Diablo's delight). We enjoyed Forgettable Potatoes (because you roast them, forget about them until everything else is ready), Jerk Chicken, and typical grilling fare...Billy offered to cut up my chicken (so over this cast). Diablo dazzled the crowd with our secret Kraken plant, much to my horror..."Are you laughing or crying, mom? Huh??" Bedtime at the normal hour came & went with little fanfare (understandably)...he finally passed out after ten o'clock. "Liz, tell me another story about Hazel..." As for me, I was sound asleep, swirling in a tiny Pinot Noir buzz, by midnight...dishwasher humming from the kitchen... The sweet sound of clean... I love Summer, in spite of the omnipresent Cloud. Love it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Breaking Up

Dear Super Series, To be blunt, it's over...I am through with you. We are not having any fun together and I feel as though we have grown apart. Perhaps we can give it another try next summer...I am not giving up on you wholeheartedly. In fact, I know it sounds cliche, but I would like to remain friends (snicker, snicker). I want to go to Seven Springs, so hopefully there are no hard feelings, you know? Just for fun?? You see, I've lost my way and I am tired of getting hurt...I admit, I need some time to sort this out and decide if I belong with you in any capacity. Until then, I will be leaning on my true love, the MAC... Kindest Regards (blehhhh), Kim Dubeck (so not Elite)

Hmmm, There Seems to Be an Underlying Theme...

Yet, I am still smiling...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Breaks Pt.2

Confession. I ate a donut for dinner last night. It was chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate glaze. Chocolate-y delight. It belonged to my son. Ate it like I stole it (...cause I did). (and the dust gathers on the Six 13)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This morning I had the pleasure of volunteering at Guy's Neshaminy Classic Race...worked side-by-side with Karen & Frank at registration. Bittersweet? Just a little. Enjoyed seeing everyone and being on the other side of the registration table for a change, yet some very small part of me yearned to be out on the course. That feeling lasted only until I saw the first of many injured riders (a beginner, cradling an arm in a sling...ouch). Moments later, as expert registration was winding down, I found myself driving fellow Bean, Colin, to the ER (wrecked shoulder, concussion)...jesus. You know...I am anxious to get back on my bike, excited to hit the trails...but, racing? Not so much. I just keep coming back to that frantic feeling... Frantic bad, not frantic good.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Happiest Day of the Year (Statistically)

So... Summer Solstice. Bonfires. Solstice Rides (followed by ice cream, I hear)... I can't say I woke up feeling particularly happy. I felt rested. Less foggy. Helped out at the shop briefly, scrambled home, headed back out for a long-ish trail run. I miss my mountain bike, but I know I will be riding again soon. The trails were dry and perfect. Bugs are more apparent, scampering through the woods on foot. Welts and hives aplenty. I have a new cast...thumb was hyperextended, Dr. Relentless-Hope-He-Knows-What-He's-Doing-Still Hot Anyway repositioned things a bit and I walked out with a bitchin crimson cast. (the first one was was freakin cute, relatively speaking). So, tonight a bonfire... still not sure about my effigy. Many things need to be burned!! Stay tuned for "When Blogs Collide"... (pics of rad casts and wrecked FJ Cruiser to follow...wreckage, wreckage la la la la)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I hit a deer last night. My car is fucked. The deer took off and I had nightmares...not about killing innocent animals, but nightmares nonetheless. It hasn't been the best week.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

spinning, running...nowhere fast

Cati graciously accompanied me to a Spinning class...three buckets of sweat later, I felt drenched and depleted. Who knew Cati was a fellow Quizzo nerd?! I digress... Spinning. Before motherhood, before I became addicted to riding, I got certified to teach Spinning...simply because I could no longer tolerate Jaime (love her) or Stu's (love him) music during my twice-weekly Spin classes. My gym membership has long expired and my most recent Spinning cd dates to 2004...I needed to pedal somewhere other than the yellow room in my house. I pedaled for an hour and went nowhere. Ewwwww. So. After work, I dashed into the garage and hopped onto my cross bike...high hopes fell flat as soon as I reached the left hand seized inside the cast painfully and grabbing the brake was impossible. F**k. Running shoes, Ipod...go... run, run, run. Maybe some 5ks in my future? Some long, hilly hikes? Ruthless sessions on the trainer. Okay, okay. No, Italian Chocolate, I don't need you right now. Yes, I realize your texture is indescribable. Sublime. I know you are flecked generously with pistachios. Magical little pistachios. I don't need you right now. Skelp Level Road will thank me in a matter of weeks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I slept well when Catherine & Rebecca (of Aaron's Pro Cycling Team) were staying here last week... that is usually the case...I have always slept soundly away from home (the saving grace of the Disney debacle...flu & all) or when there is a full house... "Host Housing" was short-lived this year & I skipped the Philly race to sit on the beach and mope. Last summer, I think I enjoyed almost 17 consecutive days of sleep when "Host Housing" extended to friends, family, and former teammates of Aaron's...the Dubeck abode was not unlike a B&B (replete with a makeshift Continental Breakfast every morning including gratis Jittery Joe's coffee...yes!!). Once again, sleep eludes me nearly every night. I have cut back on caffeine (just my morning tea) and eliminated alcohol completely (yes, even on Jam Night). This afternoon, I ran for forty minutes...ran, ran, felt amazing to get that fire in my legs. Eleven days without that adrenaline...blehhhh. I'm sleepy at ten o' clock...we shall see.

get on with it...

my dad came over & set up the dreaded trainer for me today... there's my hot little six 13 bound to the floor of the yellow room (facing the window, thankfully)... now that the weather has cooled, I suppose I will set it up on the back porch, as well... It has been eleven days since the break and I haven't pedaled at all... For some reason, I was just reluctant... kinda lazy. Not used to feeling this way... Now I am over it & ready to start getting some fitness... lazy is weird!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

white stars

White stars... that's what I saw when I squeezed my eyes shut as Dr. Clipless set my hand yesterday. I expected it to be uncomfortable, otherwise why would they numb it up first, right? (as for the numbing, perhaps I should have mentioned that Novocaine is usually pretty ineffective for me...I guess lidocaine treats me the same, as evidenced by the white stars/pukey/woozy/white stars/white stars feeling I got as Dr. Clipless pretty much broke my hand right before my eyes all over again)... "I'm sorry I had to do that, Kimberly." Shell-shocked, I just nodded half-heartedly. "So, in an unrelated matter...what kind of clipless pedal system can you recommend for my mountain bike?" "Umm, rub it in, doc. Rub. It. In." Thus, Dr. Hottie became Dr. Clipless. It's been six days and now, today, I am bummed. You know, I just want to ride my bike. The pros have left for duties are over til next summer. My attitude doesn't suck...I've had a bad day and I just want to ride.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear Diary,

Diablo & Yoshi
We spent time at the shop today while Catherine had some adjustments made to her bike...
Sean's new puppy, Yoshi, is fucking cute.
I think the pain killahs are dumbing me down a little...check this out:
Dear Diary,
today I played with a cute puppy.
My hand is black & blue.
I ate chocolate gelato for lunch and took a 3 hour nap.
The girls are taking good care of my kid...I am seriously milking it while they are here (aw, come on, it's not like they're racing the triple crown or anything...oh wait, yes they are).
so, that's that...
I was excited to receive a get-well card in the mail AND a shipment of Modicana chocolate!!!
The chipmunks got to the box before I did, but the candy was totally safe. Phewww.
Yours truly,
Kimmy kims
what more can I say??

Monday, June 2, 2008

Suki, Relax...

the backboard was overkill... so, my mom commended me for taking this all so well...weird. how else should i be? I'd be pissed if it was something i could have done differently, or if i was riding over my head, or being cocky... nope. i was just out racing my bike on a sunny Saturday morning, trying to drop the hammer & catch my natz buddy, Kristin... no cast til next Monday. waaaaaay too swollen. i babied that little bitch to no, ice, elevation, anti-inflammatory galore... the doc (who was younger than me, and a hottie to boot) wasn't crazy about the way the bone fractured...mentioned "manipulating it back into place"...uttered the words "pins" and "surgery" which made my stomach flip-flop a little... but, I am not freaking out. because, honestly, accidents happen. they do. inexplicably. my friend, kate, washed my dishes and helped prepare dinner tonight...i didn't even ask, she just showed up & was all business. and... the dubeck house is all abuzz with pro cyclist energy...catherine & rebecca arrived this afternoon much to my son's delight. "when will the girls be here?! when, mom, when?!!" they brought me chocolate gelato to help heal my bone!! (rrrrrr...and no cardio til i get my cast!!). yum yum. i love hosting's like a marker in time...part of our summer now. and i will gladly cheer them on come Sunday, as i will not be anywhere near Danville. (sorry, michelle, it's all yours!) thanks, friends, for all your wishes for a speedy recovery & kind words...seriously, that's why this doesn't sting nearly as much... thank you thank you thank you. thank you, percocet, for not twisting up my stomach...the relief is sweet.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Dude, where's the blogparazzi?!"

"I think I saw this on Mr. Rogers once..."
my hand is grossly swollen to the size of a small child...or perhaps Rhode Island.
no worries...going for a nice hike in the buggy woods this afternoon...
still, I blame the devil's haircut.
thanks, travis, for the flattering as hell photos!