Friday, June 20, 2008

The Happiest Day of the Year (Statistically)

So... Summer Solstice. Bonfires. Solstice Rides (followed by ice cream, I hear)... I can't say I woke up feeling particularly happy. I felt rested. Less foggy. Helped out at the shop briefly, scrambled home, headed back out for a long-ish trail run. I miss my mountain bike, but I know I will be riding again soon. The trails were dry and perfect. Bugs are more apparent, scampering through the woods on foot. Welts and hives aplenty. I have a new cast...thumb was hyperextended, Dr. Relentless-Hope-He-Knows-What-He's-Doing-Still Hot Anyway repositioned things a bit and I walked out with a bitchin crimson cast. (the first one was was freakin cute, relatively speaking). So, tonight a bonfire... still not sure about my effigy. Many things need to be burned!! Stay tuned for "When Blogs Collide"... (pics of rad casts and wrecked FJ Cruiser to follow...wreckage, wreckage la la la la)

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Suki said...

"she's purty!!!!"

well, duh.

you think I'd hang out with ugly chics???