Saturday, June 14, 2008

spinning, running...nowhere fast

Cati graciously accompanied me to a Spinning class...three buckets of sweat later, I felt drenched and depleted. Who knew Cati was a fellow Quizzo nerd?! I digress... Spinning. Before motherhood, before I became addicted to riding, I got certified to teach Spinning...simply because I could no longer tolerate Jaime (love her) or Stu's (love him) music during my twice-weekly Spin classes. My gym membership has long expired and my most recent Spinning cd dates to 2004...I needed to pedal somewhere other than the yellow room in my house. I pedaled for an hour and went nowhere. Ewwwww. So. After work, I dashed into the garage and hopped onto my cross bike...high hopes fell flat as soon as I reached the left hand seized inside the cast painfully and grabbing the brake was impossible. F**k. Running shoes, Ipod...go... run, run, run. Maybe some 5ks in my future? Some long, hilly hikes? Ruthless sessions on the trainer. Okay, okay. No, Italian Chocolate, I don't need you right now. Yes, I realize your texture is indescribable. Sublime. I know you are flecked generously with pistachios. Magical little pistachios. I don't need you right now. Skelp Level Road will thank me in a matter of weeks.

1 comment:

Suki said...

you can just go ahead and pass that chocolate my way.

I don't NEED it, either...

but I certainly want it.