Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dr. Hottie implored me not to ride for another month. A month?! Like, 4 weeks??? "Unacceptable." The look of disdain he shot me was palpable. Ugh. I am in for it. He called for the Gripper. Huh? Next thing you know, I'm gripping this heavy blue metal device with a gauge attached to it. Oh, I get it... Left hand (broken) first... Right hand...I grip if I can actually trick him into thinking the grip of my good hand is equal. See, I'm fine. Let me ride. "Kimberly, come on." Ok, ok. So the left hand was 40lbs...the right hand was 65lbs. Damn. sorry, not waiting a month... (the trails at Downingtown are bone dry and...perfect for walking or running. wink wink)


fatmarc said...

you won a trophy! that's totally sweet! great job


Suki said...

ok...crazy as it may sound...

I gotta be the voice of reason, here.

you're 34. that gives you another 20 years of solid, potentially hard-core riding...and another 10-20 of puttering around after that.

4 weeks is NOTHING to sacrifice for the long haul.

suck it up. get some roller blades.

I've got a permanently weakened left leg from a quad tear that I didn't pay enough attention to. nothing you can notice going about your regular business...

but definitely kicks my ass on a left heel hook problem. its weak. it'll never be the same.

I lament its loss.

no riding for four more winks.