Friday, July 18, 2008

Little by Little

Road. Trails.
Iced coffee.
More road.
My dad and I set out for a fun (mellow for him, I am certain) ride yesterday that brought us to some excellent rehab singletrack...Cardio-wise I feel fine. As for my legs, I just felt like I was working harder and moving more slowly than I'd like...
Still, I felt better than I could have hoped for. Mostly, it was just fun riding with my dad again.
Back porch shenanigans and gab-fest last night with the bride-to-be...all that was missing was him.


MtnBikeChic said...

Congrat's on getting the cast off and getting back in the saddle (well, not that you hadn't snuck in a few rides here & there!)

Take it easy for a little bit and you'll be kicking butt in cross before you know it!!

budesigns said...

no way! I'm hardtales, too. :-)
You have me beat in google, though.