Tuesday, July 15, 2008

make it go away...(quietly, please)

Hopefully my cast comes off tomorrow...I am riding...I have all day, no responsibilities or commitments...Although I am in no shape to spend the day on my bike, I intend to make the most of whatever I can handle. A migraine has me feeling dull and impatient...weary, even. I just have to make it to my son's bedtime, then... a dark & quiet room. An icepack. As for pain relief, Motrin proved futile...now what? Years ago, this sort of headache plagued me in a pretty predictable manner and I had the means to quash it as soon as I felt the symptoms creep up. Those meds are long gone...If you told me this headache could be eradicated by eating a banana, I would do it (that's a big deal). If you told me relief could be had by playing Wii, I would do it(that, too, is a big deal). Guitar Hero, even...that is how desperate I am. If you told me I had to watch "Just One of the Guys" or "Hellboy" or "Top Gun" (hey, I really dislike that movie) until the sun came up, I would do it with a smile, if it meant this headache would be over. It's that bad. What has brought this on, I wonder?? ...stumbled upon a striking little painting entitled "the Bicycle Race" by Antonio Ruiz during Sunday's escape to the Art Museum. Sadly, I could not find the eye miniatures or the spooky wax figurines...

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