Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Notes from Day Three

I have been eating too much fudge...(it's fudge...vanilla, in my opinion, anything more than one fat square is too much).
Walking on the boardwalk, my son & I both shuddered at the sight of Mr. Peanut...there he was, innocently waving at us with promise of salty, crunchy goodness...dashing as always sporting his jaunty little cane and ubiquitous monocle...Watch out, Mr. Peanut, we're armed with an Epi-pen...don't fuck with us!
Running on the beach yesterday morning, I was seized by this odd feeling as I neared the dunes...what is that?? Oh, I know...that is running across sand without a bike on my shoulder.
Bizarre. Disconcerting.
What is it? Eleven weeks til cross???

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