Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me, me, me...

I like cola flavored Shot Bloks after all... It took me eight months to tell my parents of my impending divorce (there, I've said it)... I am afraid and excited to race cross again. My hand feels almost completely normal and healed. If I only participate in endurance races next year, that's fine with me. I am sad to miss Seven Springs. I am anxious about going back to work full-time. I will be okay.


fatmarc said...

sorry to hear that kiddo.
you know about the divorce, not racing enduros...

best to you.


airing out said...

I'm sorry to hear about your impending divorce. These are often hard/sad times. Though, once its done you'll probably feel much better. Lots more opportunity for happiness. I'm sure it feels good to have it finally not be a secret. Best of luck to you.

ps. I've got a new site.

Suki said...



ha. kidding!

call me, biotch.

ps. sam...new site? do tell.

airing out said...

suki, I thought you knew. http://airingout.livejournal.com is my new site.