Sunday, September 28, 2008

"You May Be Fast, But We're Scrappy!" (oh, and absentminded)

The cool kids...What? Too cool for rain? (kiddddding) Kevin Dillard mashing up the C Race with style points for rad socks (always)
Colin B racing the C
I miss my boxer.
"I do look like a f***ing grandpa!!"
Phelps School Cross:
Driving along Paoli Pike, same route I sometimes take to the shop...Oh my! What's this? A cross race? Can it be? Why, yes...I believe that is indeed a cross race...look at the yellow caution tape...and lycra-clad freaks charging across the grassy fields...weird, man!
Yesterday's effort has left me a little bewildered, a little belly aches and my skin looks wrecked...maybe I didn't drink enough water, maybe I need a little more rest?
Still, I long for more...what is it about this endeavor that leaves me hungry for mud and nasty hills??
So, it was a small field yesterday (in spite of starting with the A women), but a hell of a race nonetheless. Lining up, I was fidgety and anxious (ehhhh, what gear should I start in? Are they gonna separate us? Uh, don't bring Tammy down...Holy shit, Diane Grim is not bungle the Monkey!!)...My anxiety was interrupted by, "Um, somebody forgot their number."
Uh. That would be me. Oops.
I had no idea where I put it, but clearly it not pinned to my jersey or even in my pocket.
"Dubeck, You're not getting out of this now! Nice try..."
Happily (I suppose), the official & promoter just gave me a well-deserved ribbing & instructed me to shout my number every time I passed the timing tent ("185!!" with my head hung low)...
The course was demanding and perfectly balanced with one technical downhill/uphill hairpin which I tried in earnest to crush every time...I loved the nastiness and tried to create little gaps on the few climb-y was hard. I worked my ass off and was almost pukey with one lap to go.
For real.
My dad had an awesome is so great to see him enjoying this again, the way it should be.
Marc "Race Mean!" Vettori was seemingly at every turn shouting at me to stand up out of the corners...All manner of enthusiastic encouragement out there from the DCCofD contingent...even with their teammates/Monkey inching closer with every lap. That is just classy and cool...Every time I heard my name out there, I just wanted to do it better and do it right (so thank you BP, Amy, Colin B, GK, Fearless Former Leader Fryberger...everyone...the cheering is awesome and admittedly, quite heartwarming)...
And, yes this has been sort of a half-assed reflection/musing...but, I kind of turned myself inside out yesterday & I guess it shows (errrr, duh, stammer stammer)...Get some sleep, Kimmy. Please!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

big friday night excitement...yawn

tomorrow... cross race. bag packed? nope... anything good for breakfast? ummmm, nope. new helmet? rrrrrr...nope. should i bust out the skinsuit? never again. my poor little head aches. my son is sleeping peacefully... i just want to earn some ice cream or a tricky cocktail tomorrow... what are you going to be for halloween? what was your favorite childhood halloween costume?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yes, this is a rant...

I couldn't sleep the other night (it was likely very early in the morning) I came downstairs and watched TV...There was a recap of the MTV VMAs and my goodness, I am out of touch... All I can say is, I am certain Warren Zevon is positively rolling over in his grave, after Kid Rock's laughable cover of Werewolves in London (and who was that bowing down to him, Lil' Wayne? Seriously, I don't even know...) Ramble, more, Kimmy: (okay) Insomnia is back (coupled with sleep-paralysis...I am not making this shit is real and it sucks) when I do sleep, I fall into a weird, deep immediate slumber that feels like days, but in reality is minutes and there is usually a very frightening presence or a feeling of crushing on my chest...and my body is asleep, but my mind is is the scariest sensation... My aunt experiences it, my dad experiences it... It happens without fail if I fall asleep on my back or if I crash out completely obliterated, completely depleted. Bleh...sounds crazy. Because it kind of is. What else?? I heard a blurb on NPR and it's the first time ever the words "SINGLE MOM..." jumped out and sorta stung, oh, I'm one of those. Weird. (so not alone, though...thank goodness for my family & friends...) What else? What else? I've eaten nothing good for me today. I think I am fighting a cold and my patience with a certain three year-old was nearly tapped out this evening. I will do better tomorrow. Oh, and my right calf is one gnarly tangle of nasty soreness and crampy knots. Eww. And the stick is nowhere to be found. Oh, but things could be soooooo much worse. (truly) I feel better already.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Don't Smile, Kim...DO NOT SMILE! Grumpy, yeah!"

Charm City (by the numbers) 40 women finished our race. 1 woman beat me. 2 people called me a sandbagger. 3 people asked me why I looked grumpy. 1 person remarked I looked "down in the dumps." 1 person told me he's been training angry for 9 months. (yeah! RRRR!) 3 people from each class won a badass embroidered Under Armor jacket and a bottle of wine! 1 woman graciously accepted my apology for taking the worst line EVER during the prologue (1 woman who raced a hell of a race with bruised ribs, certainly the last person I would ever want to bungle...ugh!!!). 1 entire package of Gummi Cola bottles lays crumpled, empty, at the bottom of my race bag. 323 was the number on my bib, which garnered me a less-than-desirable start position on the grid (all the more reason to pre-reg early 'cause ya never know...) 2 bruises decorate my right leg where I botched my technique at the step-up around the tree. 1 woman encouraged me to make the trip up to Gloucester this year (come on dad, let's just go...) 1 guy smiled at me and maybe I blushed. 3 gears sounded and felt shitty by lap 4. 2 Beans made it to the podium day 2 of the opening weekend for the MAC (way to go, dad). C3 is where it's at: talk about a top-notch event and a perfect, flowing, that race was worth the trip and worth every drop of sweat and gasp for breath (of which I lost count).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's MAC Time Again!!

This is Anthony Skorochod...He is a fantastic photog & his son is a badass junior... Kathrin & Anne...girls who race cross are happy.
My dad, crushing it once again...
Not a day at the beach. More fun than a day at the beach. Well...a different kind of fun!
If you dared to dismount or (gasp) run the sandpit, these hecklers let you have it. With gusto.
(that's mine? Seriously?...the medal, I mean...the name will be mine again soon enough)
I woke up early. Ate a bagel smeared generously with Nutella. Arrived at the race with a mere twenty minutes to warm up. Hastily drank my Heed and nibbled a few Cola shot bloks (thank you, Skinny Faticus, for taking my litter). Panic-stricken, tuned out every sight & sound around me except for two hay bales and the blast of the whistle. Then, I raced. Churning up the rise before the (dreaded) barriers, BP implored me to, "SUFFER!!!!" Oh, okay...okay, okay, Dad...clicked into a few harder gears and worked my ass off... Jill faded out of sight...Christina reeled me in, we lunged back & forth, encouraging and pushing each the last lap, some snap found its way into my legs and I wanted wanted wanted to hold onto my, I did. Collapsed in the grass, under the sun, for about two blissful minutes. Chugged my chocolate Quik immediately thereafter. Watched my dad race...watched my dad take crazy-smooth lines and charge through the turns... Heckled runners (good-naturedly, of course!) in the sandpit. Encouraged bad behavior (ride it like what, Anne Rock???). Clamored to check out Faticus all over the pit-side of the course (dude, must you make it look so easy? Jeez...) Wished Nikki & Kristin luck (like they need that)...way to step it up this year, ladies. Sigh... Washed my clothes... And that's about it... Now, off for some girly time with my mom...I need a pedicure and I am thinking violet or tangerine. Oooooh, somebody is going to rub my feet as I indulge in the guiltiest of pleasures, Us Weekly.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Kind of amused, kind of incensed... (or not) Anyway, I want to: Learn something new. Master the barriers/re-mount. Train my ass off. Not be bitter. Get out of the house one night this week...even if it's just for some Quizzo (yes, that's right) and a Belgie. Draw something. Get out of the FJ lease before it bleeds me dry. Rent out a room. Clean the basement and garage. Move the shed. Bake some chickpea flatbread. Eat brownie batter with Preggy. Sweep the back porch. Pull some weeds. Smoke some weeds...(siiiiiike). Buy a new helmet. Get a lawyer...sigh.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bear Creek Cross

"Dubeck, You're mine..." Oh, yeah? And my Barney, too?? BP...all smiles
lonely Beans
Let the smack talk begin...
I suffered greatly today, yet I think I was smiling (nearly) the whole time...
****Anne Rock will have a decidedly more clever title for her post.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks, Dad...

Thanks for kicking my ass and making me try harder... Ugh. Cross practice... Guess who needs to sharpen her dismount skills? (me) Guess who is afraid of barriers? (me) Guess who decided to suck it up and race Bear Creek instead of Michaux? (me) I'm not a mountain bike racer this year...those aspirations fell flat when I fell flat and broke my hand in May. No biggie...I still rode my little (broken)heart out all summer long, every chance I got... Still showed up at some races for (hehe) fun. My dad and I had a conversation last week about how we are fortunate to be considering racing cross at all, given our current situations (mom's health, my breakup...blah blah blah)...we've both been easy on ourselves in some respects (ice cream, Delirium, etc) and that's okay. It has to be... So, we are going to race and we are going to have some fun.

Everyday Adventures

I thought we were going to Trader Joe's for dinner supplies... I thought Valley Forge would be fun... I thought my son would dig the cabins and battlefields... He thought the aquarium was a better idea. "Umm...nope, sorry, not today..." But, his co-conspirator sold me on the idea and we were off to Camden... I have to admit, the Adventure Aquarium kicks ass on a sunny mid-week school day. We had the place virtually to spite of the cheesy, piped-in Disney-like music, the place had an odd calming effect on me. Calm is something I've been lacking of late, so I was grateful to soak that up amid jellyfish and know? We touched sharks, we had a snack near the penguins, and marveled at piranhas and eels. Diablo was exceptionally well-behaved and inquisitive...the past few weeks have been turbulent and trying at best...I have often questioned if there is something more I should be doing, or if I should be doing things differently...How much can I safely depend on my instincts? Yesterday shined a light on some of my doubts and apprehensions about our situation... He's a good, smart boy and we'll be fine. I've been doing the right thing all along. So, that was a relief...I think we both needed a day out of our element with peaceful distractions and good company.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On the Upside...

I don't have to buy orange juice anymore...and the laundry pile has greatly diminished.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I don't know about you, but I have never seen anything like this...and I can't imagine what it would be like to stumble upon something like this in nature (on my routine expedition to the Amazon, of course)...
I had never noticed the lily exhibit at Longwood Gardens, but these mammoth plants caught my eye yesterday...the pads are strong enough to support 15o lbs of evenly supported weight (easily 3 ft across, like little bistro tables in the water). You should see the crazy thorns beneath them!
I also learned that mosquito fish have mouths on top of their heads and the water is dyed black to prohibit algae growth.
All I did was ask...

Still Summer

Slay the Peanut!! AHHHHHH!! Fun to be three
Tough Guy & Grampy
76 Degrees

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I love it. I love it. I love it. (ahhhh...first official practice of the year...yeah, I know...everyone else is already in the groove... personal life got in the way just a little bit, forgive me...but, I am in it now, baby!)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Holiday Weekend Checklist

  • Imbibe
  • Ride with dad, Colin, Dr. Pain (oh, Dr. Pain, what are you doing here?)...don't crash on the crappy plank bridge again
  • Imbibe
  • Indulge (scones? black and white cookies? Coca Cola in a cute little 8 oz. can)
  • Ride Wiss with Dad (agree to cruise, proceed to mutually hammer)
  • Eat something with Nutella on it
  • Sleep in just a little (because I can)
  • Revel in the peace and quiet
  • harass Liz on her vacation
  • Buy a pair of spring green pants and wear them immediately
  • Replace the ugly lamp
  • Take down the eyesore that is the fireplace screen...reconsider having a fire this winter
  • Nap as much as possible!