Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Don't Smile, Kim...DO NOT SMILE! Grumpy, yeah!"

Charm City (by the numbers) 40 women finished our race. 1 woman beat me. 2 people called me a sandbagger. 3 people asked me why I looked grumpy. 1 person remarked I looked "down in the dumps." 1 person told me he's been training angry for 9 months. (yeah! RRRR!) 3 people from each class won a badass embroidered Under Armor jacket and a bottle of wine! 1 woman graciously accepted my apology for taking the worst line EVER during the prologue (1 woman who raced a hell of a race with bruised ribs, certainly the last person I would ever want to bungle...ugh!!!). 1 entire package of Gummi Cola bottles lays crumpled, empty, at the bottom of my race bag. 323 was the number on my bib, which garnered me a less-than-desirable start position on the grid (all the more reason to pre-reg early 'cause ya never know...) 2 bruises decorate my right leg where I botched my technique at the step-up around the tree. 1 woman encouraged me to make the trip up to Gloucester this year (come on dad, let's just go...) 1 guy smiled at me and maybe I blushed. 3 gears sounded and felt shitty by lap 4. 2 Beans made it to the podium day 2 of the opening weekend for the MAC (way to go, dad). C3 is where it's at: talk about a top-notch event and a perfect, flowing, that race was worth the trip and worth every drop of sweat and gasp for breath (of which I lost count).


Chickin said...

Hey Girl! At least I beat you at something... 3 people called me a sandbagger. Nice racing with you. Oh and I checked the rules, upgrades are based on points, not "win and up" as someone told us. Even though I completely respect the woman that told us that, she has no idea what she's talking about.

Lenore said...

Awesome job at the race!! It was a great course!

Suki said...

I totally chuckled at your mention of blushing at a dude smiling at you.

I got busted a few weeks ago at the salon by Oqui. there is one WICKED HOT male stylist there...and he happened to walk by just as I was teasing the kid and laughing.

Our eyes locked ever so briefly.

small betwinkled smile on his part...all out shit eating grin on mine.

then the next thing I heard was, "did you just share a moment??? huh. you did! you had a moment with him!"

fuck. me.

so what does the 'pah go and do???

scheduled an appointment with him the next week to ensure that he's gay.

well, long story long...he's not...he mountain bikes, skis and climbs, and his name is Major....who DOESN'T want to fuck a guy named Major???

and now oqui has a man-crush on him.

...I wonder how many "moments" they shared?