Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everyday Adventures

I thought we were going to Trader Joe's for dinner supplies... I thought Valley Forge would be fun... I thought my son would dig the cabins and battlefields... He thought the aquarium was a better idea. "Umm...nope, sorry, not today..." But, his co-conspirator sold me on the idea and we were off to Camden... I have to admit, the Adventure Aquarium kicks ass on a sunny mid-week school day. We had the place virtually to spite of the cheesy, piped-in Disney-like music, the place had an odd calming effect on me. Calm is something I've been lacking of late, so I was grateful to soak that up amid jellyfish and know? We touched sharks, we had a snack near the penguins, and marveled at piranhas and eels. Diablo was exceptionally well-behaved and inquisitive...the past few weeks have been turbulent and trying at best...I have often questioned if there is something more I should be doing, or if I should be doing things differently...How much can I safely depend on my instincts? Yesterday shined a light on some of my doubts and apprehensions about our situation... He's a good, smart boy and we'll be fine. I've been doing the right thing all along. So, that was a relief...I think we both needed a day out of our element with peaceful distractions and good company.

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