Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's MAC Time Again!!

This is Anthony Skorochod...He is a fantastic photog & his son is a badass junior... Kathrin & Anne...girls who race cross are happy.
My dad, crushing it once again...
Not a day at the beach. More fun than a day at the beach. Well...a different kind of fun!
If you dared to dismount or (gasp) run the sandpit, these hecklers let you have it. With gusto.
(that's mine? Seriously?...the medal, I mean...the name will be mine again soon enough)
I woke up early. Ate a bagel smeared generously with Nutella. Arrived at the race with a mere twenty minutes to warm up. Hastily drank my Heed and nibbled a few Cola shot bloks (thank you, Skinny Faticus, for taking my litter). Panic-stricken, tuned out every sight & sound around me except for two hay bales and the blast of the whistle. Then, I raced. Churning up the rise before the (dreaded) barriers, BP implored me to, "SUFFER!!!!" Oh, okay...okay, okay, Dad...clicked into a few harder gears and worked my ass off... Jill faded out of sight...Christina reeled me in, we lunged back & forth, encouraging and pushing each the last lap, some snap found its way into my legs and I wanted wanted wanted to hold onto my, I did. Collapsed in the grass, under the sun, for about two blissful minutes. Chugged my chocolate Quik immediately thereafter. Watched my dad race...watched my dad take crazy-smooth lines and charge through the turns... Heckled runners (good-naturedly, of course!) in the sandpit. Encouraged bad behavior (ride it like what, Anne Rock???). Clamored to check out Faticus all over the pit-side of the course (dude, must you make it look so easy? Jeez...) Wished Nikki & Kristin luck (like they need that)...way to step it up this year, ladies. Sigh... Washed my clothes... And that's about it... Now, off for some girly time with my mom...I need a pedicure and I am thinking violet or tangerine. Oooooh, somebody is going to rub my feet as I indulge in the guiltiest of pleasures, Us Weekly.


Dan K said...

Nice job Kim- you looked good out there!

Anthony S. said...

Man you're fast. I can't believe you're home already. I live right near Allentown and I just got home! Anyway, the pictures from your race are going to be HERE:

ntw said...

Yay! Kim! Congratulations!