Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks, Dad...

Thanks for kicking my ass and making me try harder... Ugh. Cross practice... Guess who needs to sharpen her dismount skills? (me) Guess who is afraid of barriers? (me) Guess who decided to suck it up and race Bear Creek instead of Michaux? (me) I'm not a mountain bike racer this year...those aspirations fell flat when I fell flat and broke my hand in May. No biggie...I still rode my little (broken)heart out all summer long, every chance I got... Still showed up at some races for (hehe) fun. My dad and I had a conversation last week about how we are fortunate to be considering racing cross at all, given our current situations (mom's health, my breakup...blah blah blah)...we've both been easy on ourselves in some respects (ice cream, Delirium, etc) and that's okay. It has to be... So, we are going to race and we are going to have some fun.


Suki said...

your mom is having health issues, too? I'm sorry.


certainly one tough time for your family.

we should have brownie batter.

Dan K said...

Rock on Kim- see you tomorrow?