Sunday, September 28, 2008

"You May Be Fast, But We're Scrappy!" (oh, and absentminded)

The cool kids...What? Too cool for rain? (kiddddding) Kevin Dillard mashing up the C Race with style points for rad socks (always)
Colin B racing the C
I miss my boxer.
"I do look like a f***ing grandpa!!"
Phelps School Cross:
Driving along Paoli Pike, same route I sometimes take to the shop...Oh my! What's this? A cross race? Can it be? Why, yes...I believe that is indeed a cross race...look at the yellow caution tape...and lycra-clad freaks charging across the grassy fields...weird, man!
Yesterday's effort has left me a little bewildered, a little belly aches and my skin looks wrecked...maybe I didn't drink enough water, maybe I need a little more rest?
Still, I long for more...what is it about this endeavor that leaves me hungry for mud and nasty hills??
So, it was a small field yesterday (in spite of starting with the A women), but a hell of a race nonetheless. Lining up, I was fidgety and anxious (ehhhh, what gear should I start in? Are they gonna separate us? Uh, don't bring Tammy down...Holy shit, Diane Grim is not bungle the Monkey!!)...My anxiety was interrupted by, "Um, somebody forgot their number."
Uh. That would be me. Oops.
I had no idea where I put it, but clearly it not pinned to my jersey or even in my pocket.
"Dubeck, You're not getting out of this now! Nice try..."
Happily (I suppose), the official & promoter just gave me a well-deserved ribbing & instructed me to shout my number every time I passed the timing tent ("185!!" with my head hung low)...
The course was demanding and perfectly balanced with one technical downhill/uphill hairpin which I tried in earnest to crush every time...I loved the nastiness and tried to create little gaps on the few climb-y was hard. I worked my ass off and was almost pukey with one lap to go.
For real.
My dad had an awesome is so great to see him enjoying this again, the way it should be.
Marc "Race Mean!" Vettori was seemingly at every turn shouting at me to stand up out of the corners...All manner of enthusiastic encouragement out there from the DCCofD contingent...even with their teammates/Monkey inching closer with every lap. That is just classy and cool...Every time I heard my name out there, I just wanted to do it better and do it right (so thank you BP, Amy, Colin B, GK, Fearless Former Leader Fryberger...everyone...the cheering is awesome and admittedly, quite heartwarming)...
And, yes this has been sort of a half-assed reflection/musing...but, I kind of turned myself inside out yesterday & I guess it shows (errrr, duh, stammer stammer)...Get some sleep, Kimmy. Please!!


fatmarc said...

for the record, I am not standing under an umbrella.

you and BP are off to suck great seasons, it's such fun to watch...

good to you and BP...


chunky monkey said...

You did awesome! I always have fun racing with you. And you're dad was great too, I had commented to Marc that he cheered me on too, even though I was riding right behind you. Too cool. Everyone is so supportive, it's great.
See you in a few week!

Anthony S. said...

Kim, remember that photo I took of you and your Dad? I uploaded it HERE:

Enjoy it- it came out nice.