Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whirlybird Presented by Guy's

I didn't wake up at 5:30am to do anything less than try my very, very hardest to kick ass and suffer suffer suffer in the healthiest manner possible...I didn't wake up at 5:30am on a Saturday to drive alone, in the rain, to just sit in...I've been working hard, trying to take care of myself & trying to race the strong race...Is oatmeal enough to sustain me this morning?...Do I really feel better or am I just stubborn??...
Am I ever going to hear something new again that I really like??? (oh, wait...thank god for TV on the Radio...I need to get "Dear Science"...)...Is this my exit?...
Guy's Racing should be commended for the awesome event they presented at Bryn Athyn College today...contrary to the initial uninspiring appearance of the course, there was much fun to be had on the swoopy berms, tricks little descents and other challenging features (spiral, anyone?)...
Yay, Guy's...nice work!!
As for the crossy weather and slick conditions?
Well, if you didn't go down today, you weren't racin!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wissahickon Cross at Ludwig's Corner

I loved this course. I disliked this race. Wait...I liked riding the sand (the best recovery out there today, in my humble opinion)... I liked pedaling through the spiral... I liked the uphill barriers and ensuing frenzy under the Victory tent... I liked working with stress riding her strong & capable through all the tricky spots...we traded pulls for two laps and sprinted to the finish...although she got me by maybe a wheel, maybe a little more, I was happy to finish strong for the top 5... Then, "What happened out there, Dubeck?" Or, "Fifth?? Ugh!" Or, "You feel alright today?" What happened out there?? Well... I raced my bike out there... I rode a smart, clean race in the wind, through traffic, after beating myself up righteously at Granogue the day before. That's what happened...jeez. After watching my dad ride an inspiring race and cheering for the killer B's, we headed home... I immediately passed out for two solid hours...legs on fire, still, from the morning's balm. I have faith that Guy's will redefine the Whirly Bird next Saturday...until then, mindful recovery & hard work!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Granogue CX 2008

Me & Renee
Anne, seriously, what??
Ok, that's only smile on the podium?
Rutgers...crushing the competition in Field Hockey and Cross...with style!
Skinny-Ass Mega
Colin-o (your jacket matches Anne's jeans)
Amy Breylala
The New Kings of Rhythm
Gasp!! (get outta my shot motherfu**er!!)
I got beat by a mountain bike. Again.
(tomorrow...I have some left for tomorrow)
I still love love love every twist & turn & nasty root & churny hill on this brilliantly challenging course.
(and, okay, I need to gush about the DCCofD and the awesome event they present year after year...the race was no joke, the vibe was purely fun, the prizes were generous and useful...thank you!)
The sun was shining for my entire Granogue.
Once again, the sun was SHINING for my entire race.
I spent most of today with my dad & my family & my friends...with the New Kings of Rhythm providing the soundtrack...
I took a hot bath, followed by a looooooooong nap.
Kitsune udon is calling my name.
Ludwig's Ludwig's Yeah yeah yeah!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

the phantom menace

So, I'm in the big empty bedroom, searching for the Stick because I want to "stick" my legs... I've torn through a bin of odd socks & single armwarmers, ugly jerseys... There are boxes of photos, books... No stick. Wrapping paper... Shrunken sweater... No stick. WTF? How does one lose the Stick?? RRRRR... What's that sound? My kid calling me from upstairs?? "Mommmm..." Nope, he is at his dad's. All week, I am his mortal enemy...he only wants Daddy... Picking pumpkins today was like pulling teeth (only, more...difficult). My happy-go-lucky, cheerful, inquisitive little Guy has become a sullen, testy, petulant smartass in the span of a week...all because we don't all live together anymore. (of course he is sullen and testy and petulant and bratty and...challenging). I want him to be willful and hardheaded (most of the time)... this part will get better...he probably misses me when he is at his dad's, right?? Where is my Stick? Ugly straw bag (freebie with make-up? Gift?)... Ooooh, there's my stripey belt! No stick. I hear it again...all week, I've been imploring him not to whine, assuring him that I know it's hard, it's okay that he misses his dad...sure, you can cry... So, I am hearing things and missing my Stick. (and I miss my kid...he's not the menace)

Granogue Granogue Granogue

I hope you're going to Granogue tomorrow to race (or spectate) cross in perfectly crisp autumn temps...
I hope you like your cross funky because the New Kings of Rhythm will be there for your listening pleasure from 11-2...
this may be more than I can handle.
Come on, come on...
bring the kids, bring your know you want some!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Keeping Me Honest

French Creek with BP yesterday... my legs and spirit were a tiny bit pummeled from the previous day's effort... (mostly my legs...and more than a tiny bit). A broken pedal left me riding unclipped with my left did I always used to ride like this??? I needed a fun ride in the woods. I love my granny gear. I dig my new shoes (though, still not sure how they will fare running). I am kind of tired of Cheerios. I believe in the power of Quik. I am happiest following a good night's sleep. I am anxious about racing again (soon). I like surprises.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fatherly Advice

Ride Smart- Sit in even when you know you can go's a longer ride than you are used to. Kill them at the end coming up 842- (by the swim club) & be safe. Watch the idiots Love, dad

Saturday, October 11, 2008


After toying with the idea of racing this weekend, I opted to take it easy... This week brought me a whole new level of exasperation... just wrapped up three hours on the road, drank my vanilla Quik, showered, and put warm PJs on. It is one o'clock in the afternoon. I have my pajamas on!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


My race: second...(waaaaaay too hot into the first turn, tangle the tape, rip out a stake...nooooo...there goes EVERYBODY) last...bye, Field. Have a lovely race. Hustle, ladies, hustle...Jessica Kates, you are on my wheel, I just passed you and you are cheering for me between, thanks! ja vu from last we go, but I'm gonna try to GO! 3rd...picking them off, clawing my way back...mountain bike girl sucking my wheel, breathing fire down my neck... hold it until Mount Doom (I mean, Pile of Dirt) on the lassssssst laaaaaaap (RRRRRRR!...can you feel it?? can you feel my RRRRRRRRRRR!!??)... MOUNTAIN BIKE gets me at the barriers. there she goes, bye 3rd. 4th...(me)...cross the line, pressure is off... cool down, let's go home now...Hi, Marc...yeah, you get said it, thanks. My dad's race: Go, BP!!! 1st. awesome awesome... mechanical on lap 2, grab the Redline...shit, his rear wheel came out of the there they go...oh, noooo...BP last... Next lap, BP 2nd...ok, ok... And then, gap gap... BP wins. so, that was exciting to watch... glad I remembered a cowbell. And... Anne Rock rocked (and was dressed to impress)... Kathrin kicked ass (I knew it was her day, knew it, knew it)... Lenore stepped up to the A plate... and all the women handled the dirt flyover with ease (unlike some of the hard-charging C's...Jeez) My son and I destroyed a pizza... "Mom, you drink beer??!!" Yes, dear, especially when I least deserve it. (a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, if you must know)

Friday, October 3, 2008

(No) Skillz

Phew... so I've been clicking out of my pedals incorrectly ever since...oh, I started riding clipless (and no, the first year I spent NOT clipping in AT ALL doesn't count). And... I've been shouldering my bike like a dunce. And... The step-through technique does seem more efficient (maybe I'll grasp it after 5,000 more tries...maybe). Everyone knows I am clumsy...that's no secret. Learning something new involving coordination is a challenge (and a sight to behold). So, no, I will not be adopting these new Skillz at the Hustle...but, I will keep at it until it comes naturally (like clicking out...I never thought that would come naturally...yeah, clicking out the wrong way...woo-hoo). I did fail gym. thanks, Kelly Cline, for your patience...I can only liken it to when I taught preschool and watched the snack helper awkwardly carry the pitcher of juice across the room...slosh, slosh, spill, trip trip...oops, try again...


...and don't forget, Nutella pairs well with: Ice Cream (especially just vanilla bean) Waffles (duh, preferably Belgian) Toast (barely toasted English Muffin Breakfast do know about that, right?) Pancakes (just guessing)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Love Nutella...Okay?

I love Nutella... For years, it was in my best interest (heh) to just pretend the hazelnutty-creamy-goodness no longer existed. Nutella crept back into my life little by little by 2007... Now, I can't help myself. I blame one of my best friends for bringing a generous SPOONFUL (literally, on a spoon, wrapped in plastic) on a 50 mile ride back in the you know how perfect that tastes with 15 miles to go?? I blame my dad for creating the perfect ride snack (saltines with Nutella and honey). I blame Europe. And crepes in need of filling. I knew I held onto my son's baby spoons for a reason. mmmmmmmm...