Saturday, October 18, 2008

Granogue CX 2008

Me & Renee
Anne, seriously, what??
Ok, that's only smile on the podium?
Rutgers...crushing the competition in Field Hockey and Cross...with style!
Skinny-Ass Mega
Colin-o (your jacket matches Anne's jeans)
Amy Breylala
The New Kings of Rhythm
Gasp!! (get outta my shot motherfu**er!!)
I got beat by a mountain bike. Again.
(tomorrow...I have some left for tomorrow)
I still love love love every twist & turn & nasty root & churny hill on this brilliantly challenging course.
(and, okay, I need to gush about the DCCofD and the awesome event they present year after year...the race was no joke, the vibe was purely fun, the prizes were generous and useful...thank you!)
The sun was shining for my entire Granogue.
Once again, the sun was SHINING for my entire race.
I spent most of today with my dad & my family & my friends...with the New Kings of Rhythm providing the soundtrack...
I took a hot bath, followed by a looooooooong nap.
Kitsune udon is calling my name.
Ludwig's Ludwig's Yeah yeah yeah!!

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ntw said...

We are a bunch of hotties, aren't we?

Great picture!

It was so great to see you on Saturday. I miss all my 'cross friends!