Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Love Nutella...Okay?

I love Nutella... For years, it was in my best interest (heh) to just pretend the hazelnutty-creamy-goodness no longer existed. Nutella crept back into my life little by little by 2007... Now, I can't help myself. I blame one of my best friends for bringing a generous SPOONFUL (literally, on a spoon, wrapped in plastic) on a 50 mile ride back in the you know how perfect that tastes with 15 miles to go?? I blame my dad for creating the perfect ride snack (saltines with Nutella and honey). I blame Europe. And crepes in need of filling. I knew I held onto my son's baby spoons for a reason. mmmmmmmm...


Suki said...

you use a baby spoon???

oqui uses a ladle.

a consequence of his time in Europe...

a habit he just can't kick.

airing out said...

I like to eat Nutella with a pretzel rod as a spoon. YES!

Oak said...

Things that Nutella goes great with:

Nilla Wafers
Animal Crackers
Biscotti (the real deal kind, not the store bought shee-it)
Your fingers
Anything not already listed.