Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wissahickon Cross at Ludwig's Corner

I loved this course. I disliked this race. Wait...I liked riding the sand (the best recovery out there today, in my humble opinion)... I liked pedaling through the spiral... I liked the uphill barriers and ensuing frenzy under the Victory tent... I liked working with stress riding her strong & capable through all the tricky spots...we traded pulls for two laps and sprinted to the finish...although she got me by maybe a wheel, maybe a little more, I was happy to finish strong for the top 5... Then, "What happened out there, Dubeck?" Or, "Fifth?? Ugh!" Or, "You feel alright today?" What happened out there?? Well... I raced my bike out there... I rode a smart, clean race in the wind, through traffic, after beating myself up righteously at Granogue the day before. That's what happened...jeez. After watching my dad ride an inspiring race and cheering for the killer B's, we headed home... I immediately passed out for two solid hours...legs on fire, still, from the morning's balm. I have faith that Guy's will redefine the Whirly Bird next Saturday...until then, mindful recovery & hard work!

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