Saturday, November 15, 2008

Enjoying the Moment (USGP Mercer Cup Day One)

I will not be racing Day Two of the Mercer Cup tomorrow...truly got my fill today and I am happy to admit I need a break! I. Had. So. Much. Fun. Muddy, muddy, muddy legs are thrashed, pummeled, bike? The same (oh, you poor, poor wheels...) Check this out...the sand was the best (only?) recovery out there. The fly-over? satisfying to just blast down after trudging up those murderous steps. I am proud of the way I raced today, happy with my handling, happier about my attitude... the competition out there was no joke...I am so impressed with the field of women I've been racing among this year. After my race, I doled out some outstanding oatmeal white chocolate chip-cranberry cookies to Karen & Rolf ("Cookies, Rolf!! Step on it!!"), then settled in to watch my dad's race. Side note: No, BP, does not suffer from's the way he has breathed for as long as I can remember (yes, even at the dinner table or driving home from a race...kidding)... So, my dad's race: Wonder what it's like to line up with Fred Wittwer and Richard Richard Fries remarked, "What an esteemed field" No kidding...BP hung onto 3rd for a while, then Nunzio (love that name) pulled spite of a side-stitch and horrendous conditions, my dad finished strong as always... A good day for the Pernas, once again. Other thoughts about today: I've said it before, but I really love cross...I love the way I feel after the race, the camaraderie, travelling with my dad (who, thankfully, always has good music on in the car...always), catching up with friends, shouting and cheering for all the familiar faces...I love the sound of the cowbells and the swishing tires cutting through the grit and mud, working with someone strong, gasping words of encouragement, finding the right line, slogging through chewed up grass and puddles... Still, Count me out for tomorrow... good luck & have fun!


Jim said...

Awesome. Sounds like a great race. Maybe next year I'll make it. Spent the AM on the trainer instead watching Hellboy 2. Not a total loss, but all in all, probably would have rather been out in the mud. Would have brought my single speed though... the mud from Ed Sander *still* isn't completely out of the geared bike. Congrats on thrashing yourself out there today.

Chickin said...

Heard you won!!!! Awesome. I am soooo thrilled and happy for you. You are racing at another level girl. I hope I can keep up with you next weekend.