Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Day To Be a Perna (PA State Championships presented by Team VisitPa.Com)

BP (PA State Cyclocross Champ 55+)
...and Me (PA State Cyclocross Champ B Women)
I know we still have one race remaining before we wrap up the 2008 cross season, but I really need to acknowledge the fact that my dad has been so supportive of my crossmania this year...
Yesterday's race was won for him...thanks, Dad!
photos courtesy of Anthony Skorochod


Anonymous said...

Congrats Kim... Even sweeter considering your ups and downs lately... Way to focus the energy in a much more positive way than sitting around eating bon bons and being pissed at the world... You deserve it... Straus

fatmarc said...

congrats to both of you.
hell of a nice job.

you have both had super seasons.


Dirty Girl said...

Good day to be a Perna indeed! Will you adopt me? Congrats on two awesome seasons.

Zach said...

congrats kim, you killed it out there. Hows it feel to be a state champ? :-D

Joey said...

Good job! I watched you race, you put in a killer effort.

Kevin said...