Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it's not cold outside it's not cold outside...

Good day for Toko gloves, don't you agree?? Hey, here is big news: Diablo went to sleep without Binky last night for the first time ever (besides maybe a few random hours here or there during infancy). Yes, he will FOUR in a matter of weeks (holy shit, I have an almost-four year-old)...but, so what? Took me forever to give up my binky. Upon waking this morning, he said, "You were right, mom. I slept GREAT without it. I can't believe it!" Ha. I was right. Other stuff on my mind: The horror stories I keep hearing about the drive to Long Island are disheartening. I like my new job & I hope they keep me around. My son says "Linja" for's cute...but, he almost pronounces "yellow" correctly now (I kinda miss "reddow"). The snow flurries were way too brief yesterday. We heard "Run, Run, Rudolph" on the way to dinner last night, and I was not compelled to change the station... I bought a Christmas present.

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