Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Naps!

...but, where's the tortoise?? Christina won! Sean Awwwwww!
This is a cross race!
and the winner's alter ego, The Chicken, before the Elite race
Wayne Scott Fair Hill CX:
So, the Hare finished her race and was met with, "What happened, did you have a mechanical??"
And, "What happened to you out there?"
Well, the Hare did not stop to nap (or even relax).
The Hare certainly did not brag or boast about her fast pace...uh-uh.
The Hare was up late trick-or-treating with her leveret, the Wolverine...
The Hare didn't touch her bike allllll week long because she was sick and stressed out about missing work (she is, after all, still the Newbie)...
The Hare just wanted to show up and ride one of her favorite courses ever...hop hop hop over some barriers, scamper up a muddy little hill, and motor through a pit filled with sand and chewed-up tires!! Fun, fun, fun...
One spot out of the top 5, I mean, is that really so bad???
And just for the record, slow and steady does not win a cross race either, that's for sure...
The moral of this story??'s painfully obvious!

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Chickin said...

Ok, those pics of me are not very flattering. Thanks for the kind words after the race. See you at Beacon/HPCX. It's time for the Bunny to kick some ass.