Saturday, December 6, 2008

Catching Up

My son turned four...his newest "thing" is calling me "Kim" or "Kimmy" or "Kimm-o"... Um, No. I took Colin to see David Byrne... I was sick & didn't touch my bike all week... My mom's brother passed away. I finally got the ball rolling on the IF fork I won at Granogue (I know, back in May)...thinking of converting the Litespeed to a rigid singlespeed...why not? My hair is getting long. I haven't spent enough time with my friends (but, this is the last weekend of racing). I am underwhelmed by my lack of preparedness for the holidays...I mean, Santa will arrive no matter what...right? Three friends are getting married this year and one is having a baby (one had a baby recently and I have yet to meet him)...just because my own marriage broke up does not mean I am cynical or bitter (ewww)...I am still a hopeless romantic, I still believe in love. So there.


airing out said...

My brother's daughter calls him "Jeff", has for about a year. She thinks it's funny. I do too.

Yay on the IF Fork!

Suki said...

as for love...

its all dandy and swell UNTIL you have a baby.

babies are devil's work.

you aint missing NOTHING!

(says the sleep deprived, sore-boobed new mother)