Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sick Day

Down and out...again. I am housebound/couchbound... Sniffle sniffle. There are eleven messages on my voicemail because it hurts to talk and I don't have the energy to answer the phone... waah wah wah... One of my bestest friends brought me ice cream last night to soothe my sore throat...minutes later, I had hives INSIDE my mouth, clowny lips, and an itchy throat...who has an allergic reaction to Better Batter ice cream with chocolate chips??? Me, that's who. No cross practice today... I guess practice is officially over now. I am rambling now because I am lonely and bored. My almost-four-year-old is at school...tomorrow is his birthday. This time 4 years ago, my due date was 5 days away... I was dilated, exasperated... Sunny Son had dropped & I was sensing some funny kind of wave deep inside me... I was probably doing what I am doing right now...snuggling a blanket, watching bad bad TV, all alone (no, wait...Hazel was still around...sigh)... counting the hours til the Christmas Parade. Now I am counting the hours til David Byrne, wondering if I can make it.

1 comment:

airing out said...

You got eleven messages? Wow, that's popular! If I got eleven msgs it would all be from collection agencies.

Hope you feel better soon.