Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009 (two-thousand NINE?!)

Family & Friends The Young Folks
New(er) Friends
Youth & Hormones
Old Friends
New Years Eve Party (co-sponsored by our favorite New Years Baby, BP...happy birthday, Dad!):
Perfect mix of family and friends (old, new, barely acquainted, reacquainted, and no less than 3 PA State Champs...), (too much) good food, abundant cheer (in a variety of bottles), great music, excellent company. Midnight arrived with fanfare & cowbells, followed by lively revelry into the weeeeee hours.
Success (and perhaps a new tradition?)...
Thank you, all, for sharing a fantastic night with me!
More photos (if you dare) courtesy of Anthony .

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Zach said...

lol. way fun, thanks for being a most awesome hostess :-D