Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Photos, Please!

I've misplaced my camera...tomorrow I leave for an impromptu little vacation and I want to come back with pictures to prove it. I have fallen in love with winter riding once again...thank goodness. Honestly, I was starting to worry about myself a little bit several weeks ago. Skinny jeans weren't so skinny anymore, Word Challenge was taking over every spare moment (oh, who are we kidding? I was making time for Word Challenge), and pancakes every day seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea...I found myself cringing at the sight of Dirt Rag, rolling my eyes at all the spare Michelin Muds in the laundry room, and shopping for cute pajamas for no reason... What was this? A bad break-up? What's next? Steady diet of raw cookie dough? Cobwebs on the Moto Rapido?? Never. 3 Weekends of great rides and even better company finally flipped the switch and Cupid's arrow plunged into my singletrack-loving heart... I just needed a break. Laziness felt good for a while, but I will be ready to hit it hard again upon my return. (until then, there are some tasty Margaritas in my very near future and hopefully temps in the high sixties!!!)


rsdmag said...

Hell Yeah! Keep me posted on some gatherings down there- I need to get down to ride with the crew in the 'deep south!'

Dirty Girl said...

When you return, tan and happy, come ride with your Philly phriends! Have a great trip.