Friday, February 6, 2009


The winter blues have taken hold... I don't get it... Last year, I rounded the corner when February arrived...booties, gloves, and balaclava in a neat stack ready for anything, any time. This year, I am disorganized and (worse) unmotivated. Something clicked in conversation yesterday...I have not worked full-time since before my son was born, so I am now trying to stay active and be a good mom (I will aim for great when the temperatures rise...I am doing my best with what I've got right now) on a new schedule. Setting the alarm for 5am so I can hit the trainer isn't working for me. Commuting isn't an option, as I drop my son off at preschool (okay, daycare) which is only several miles from my office... Usually, I am pretty creative & resourceful, pretty good at not succumbing to this crap... As for the no sugar/no alcohol thing, it's not a "diet"...I found myself slicing an apple for a snack yesterday (with a little almond butter) and I kinda liked it. I don't eat fruit or veggies (potatoes and finely chopped peppers barely count). I bet I could count on one hand the number of times I've consumed an actual serving size of fruit in the past year. Pineapple and strawberries...that's it. I want to take better care of myself & be a good example to my son. That's what this is about. If I eliminate the junk, I'll replace it with something that is good for me...that's all. I owe it to myself to find out how it feels. The alcohol was kind of an afterthought...this time of year, feeling like I do (sluggish, lazy, down), adding a depressant to the mix is just stupid (no matter how delicious...ahhhhh, Delirium). So, today I should run or ride. And count the days til March begins.


Michelle said...

Not that I'm a poster child for good eats, but... I'm a huge fan of fresh fruits on my cereal, espeially since i'm a huge cereal buff. You name it.. if its in season (and better yet on sale! BOGO!) I'm putting it on my Chex or Cheerios. I recommend it. Its an easy way to get fruits in ya. Also frozen black cherries (or any fruit). Occasionally I toss some in a bowl, let them defrost for a while, then just munch on them as a snack. I had no idea how much they could rock my world until the last year or so. Good luck! ;)

robert said...

my uncle made a comment to me the other day that made a lot of sense: "sometimes you just have to hang tough and survive until it starts to click, then it will be good" or something to that effect. he meant it in reference to a number of things, but it definitely works here.

airing out said...

You inspire me to eat better. I'll start as soon as I'm finished with this crap (too difficult while food tastes weird to me). I really like the idea of eliminating sugar. I've done it before and it really is a good thing.

megA said...


I knew it--we are ONE, KimmyKim.

I'm doing the no refined sugar thing too! Started with a NY resolution and it's still going pretty good. I do agave in my coffee and sometimes maple syrup in my plain ass yogurts.

my students noticed i don't have the post-lunch crash of yawny-yawn blahdy blurg.

i still KNOW the peanut m&ms are in the faculty lounge. the coke machine beckons. and this past donut friday i opened the box, beheld the beauty that was the honey glazed and said, "you will not make me feel better!" and walked away.

you can do it too!!

i do reserve the right to drink a coke after a hot dusty mt bike ride this summer. . . .

keep it up lady!!!!


Suki said...

oh don't EVEN get me started on restricted diets!!!

(I think I'm going to rant on your blog, now. hope you don't mind)

no eggs, no soy, no beef, NO dairy (not even the tiny little amount in stuff like chicken gravy or french fries), no beans, no nuts, no strawberries, NO CHOCOLATE, no this, no that...

might I mention how incredibly sick of rice products I am???

today's eats included:
-organic plain oatmeal made with rice milk, rice protein powder and agave nectar
-a banana
-ground turkey cooked in organic turkey stock with rice noodles. salt only
-a rice cake
-more of the above

I tried to sneak in some salad greens and realized every single ingredient in every single salad dressing is off the list. I'm all for a good helping of vegetables but dry salad can go suck it.

you would think I would feel healthy. vitalized. energized.

nothing doing. I miss nuts and beans and oranges. peanut butter on celery. whole grain english muffins with vodka and...

did I say vodka?

yeah, alcohol is off the list, too.

I MISS being able to eat healthy (and not so healthy when cookie dough is about).

my deprivation has gotten to the point that rice cakes and plain ground turkey taste good to me...just 'cause they're food.

I'm afraid that once I wean the booger, dairy will be lost to me forever, my body having forgotten how to process the earth-bound heaven that is a brownie sundae.

enjoy every apple slice with nut butter you can get your paws on. teach diablito the same.

because can train the taste buds to appreciate almost anything (almost anything...I still can't STAND cooked carrots)