Sunday, February 15, 2009


2 weeks (mostly) sugar-free and I feel good...less groggy in the afternoon, less muddled mid-day at work. For the most part, I have more energy and don't even miss the stuff... Following the (free!) Herr's Snack Factory Tour (hokey, yet mesmerizing...four year-old approved), I did eat several chocolate-covered pretzel sticks. They were amazing, then I felt ill. Otherwise, I have been a good girl (whatever that means anymore). Sugar-free, however, does not mean Winter Blues-Free...admittedly, I am still in a slump. Bike rides don't appeal to me lately, no matter what the fact, the trainer has become a permanent fixture in the living room. I know this will pass, so I have decided to roll with it...I am not doing anything I don't want to do unless it is fun, unless I feel like it. Yesterday, I got on my cross bike and hit the road for a little over an hour...rolled through the spooky tunnels & completed the little loop we usually do to open up the day before a cross race. Today I enjoyed the woods with my son...under his direction, I was young Padawan, Asohka & he was Anakin (her best friend). We ran from Clone Droids and hid in the ruins before capturing our rival and finding our way back to the Republic Gun Ship. That was far more exhausting than any session on the trainer. That, I am convinced, is what keeps me young.... Oh, and in an attempt to curb my sad, sad obsession with Facebook, I've decided to make my sketchbook & colored pencils more readily available (and sharpened!)...there has got to be a better way to channel my energy, to spend my free time... Seriously, it makes me sick to even have to comment on this weird grip the whole FB thing has on me (you want to be my friend? Didn't you torture me on the bus in fourth grade?!...Oh, and YOU want to be my friend? Seriously? Didn't we glare at each other in homeroom? Weren't you a bitch to me??). I was fine without it, yet I can't stay away. Ugh. Lastly, I have delved into a new book (Guns, Germs, and Steel)...I am forgetting history and not feeling very smart lately. We shall see...


phatboy said...

Hi Kim!

I have some friends that ride out at Fairhill and I follow Fatmarcs ongoing antics. Thats how I stumbled across your blog. Anyhow, it's a good read so keep writing! I too need to break out of those dreaded "Winter blues" and read your blogs for a little shot of motivation! C'mon Spring!

Ken/Upstate N.Y.

robert said...

guns, germs, and steel is really good so far. I'm about 1/2-way through but keep stopping to read other things. at this rate you'll finish before me... enjoy!

best cure for the winter blues: forget about the bike for a month. if you lived anywhere else, it'd be hanging on the hooks while you skied/snowshoed/ice climbed. you'll love it more when you return!

Suki said...

it's spring in my book (at least today, anyway)...

perhaps my starvation diet is clearing out some demons?

-I'm turning the cable off
-creating a studio for myself, again
-whipping out my old journals,
-finding the watercolors (and figuring out how to use them)
-finding a yoga or tai chi class
-and starting my novel

tomorrow...I'll probably just nap.