Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Slept!! (and, apparently, tripped...)

Insomnia...I have been plagued by insomnia for years. For me, sleepless nights come and go in waves sometimes lasting days, or weeks, or (dreadfully) even months. In times of stress, predictably I get very little sleep...falling asleep these days is easy, but several hours later, I wake up & that's pretty much it for the night. Morning comes and I reluctantly climb out of bed, groggy and frustrated... I have tried sleeping aids (OTC remedies such as Tylenol Pm and benedryl as per my family doctor), ruthless sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds just for bedtime when it's been reallllly bad, relentless in fact...we're talking months on end (Ambien, Ambien CR, Klonopin, Rozerem, Xanax)... I've tried bio feedback, visualization, meditation...I've consulted psychologists specializing in sleep disturbances/disorders... Suffice it to say, the insomnia is still very much a part of me...a restful, full night's sleep eludes me more often than not. Lately, the stress has been piling up a little bit more than I am comfortable with (nothing I can't handle, no surprises...perhaps more curve balls than I, or anyone, can juggle at a time)...out of desperation, I took one of my mom's sleeping pills last night... I don't remember much, but there was an interesting voice message from me to my parents sometime in the middle of the night... Apparently, I called some other friends, too...seems I just had to tell them about all the dolls in my bedroom staring at me (there are no dolls in my room...the only "doll" in my house is a Batman pillow)...I also voiced my concern should my son turned into cotton candy in the middle of the night, I may try to eat him. Okay... Two conclusions. Easy: 1. Maybe it's time to re-introduce a little refined sugar into my diet (you know, so I don't EAT MY SON IN HIS SLEEP) 2. Lunesta is not for me. (or is it? Man, I slept great!!)


airing out said...

I like ativan. In fact, I think I'm going to take one tonight. Maybe just half.

Benedryl makes me crazy.

Suki said...

don't we ALL dream about eating the baby???