Tuesday, February 3, 2009


day three... sugar-free has relegated me to improper puncuation/capitalization/rationalization... and anything interesting or coherent to say, apparently. ummmm, so, like...you, know... No sugar makes Kimmy a dull girl. Dull. Sullen. Surly?? no, no...it's not that bad. It was kinda nice this afternoon, at work, to have this inherent defense mechanism when the almighty Girl Scout Cookies surfaced (every freaking variety)... I meant to hop on the super-fun way-cool trainer tonight, but cleaned the house & took a loooong bath instead. I promise this will only last a month. Then the Real Kim shall return (with, perhaps a newfound respect for nutrition and maybe something worthwhile to blog about...) Until, then...you are stuck with me. ugh.


Kevin Deibert said...

ahhh, the old
"i'm going to get into shape and eliminating all things bad from my diet" experiment.
we've all tried this one..
i tried this scam a few times. the alcohol part always got in the way.
fwiw, i found i got the same results by not eating solids after 6:30 pm. unless of course it was post ride or workout. even that was hard to do. then i stumbled accross this phrase

now i just do what i want. happier and faster.

Suki said...

work sucks.

work sucks even harder when you'd much rather just be a mommy.

i feel for ya, girlfriend.