Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peanut Plea

Following a scary incident at the park this weekend, I feel like I have to use this forum (just this once) to reach out to my handful of readers with children: When you are out & about (parks, playground, anywhere really...), please wipe/wash your hands & your kid's hands after consuming any peanut products. Some children are highly & dangerously allergic to peanuts and often the allergy is severe enough that a reaction can occur simply from having contact with peanut oil/residue. Although I am always armed with our epi-pen & Benadryl, most reactions can be avoided with a little extra caution and mindfulness. Thank you!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shaking off the Cobwebs...

Been shaking off the cobwebs of winter one ride at a time...yesterday I snuck out for a late-afternoon ride. Aaaaah. Most of us are lucky enough to have our favorite go-to trails somewhere close to home... the local spot you can reach by bike. You have your favorite route to reach the woods, favorite sections of road where you pedal happily with great anticipation of hitting the single-track... That's what I had yesterday afternoon...and all the pieces fell together beautifully, one of those rare and unexpected perfect rides (the kind when you start out thinking you'll just bang out the same-old, same old, but arrive home totally restored and gratified)... Although gray skies hung above me, the air was warm & conditions were just right. (it doesn't hurt that I was riding my new/old toy... the litespeed has been reborn as a rigid soon-to-be 1x9...poor thing had been gathering dust in BP's basement since the fateful crash at Sewell...I love that snappy little monster & it felt good to ride my original race rig again. Purely for fun!) What else? (I will just ramble on...) Yoga this morning, after nearly a year without, felt amazing. It's going to be an interesting summer without many races on the calendar. I am certain yoga will be a lovely compliment to riding for fun. Last night, I stayed for the entire New Kings of Rhythm cd release party at, it hurts to stay out til those hours. Two beers and a super-late night has left me feeling pummeled in a way I am not used to. (oh, but I am going to be 34 next If I sound hung-over in this half-assed post, I guess it's because I am. Left the camera at home for my ride & the gig because I didn't want to miss out...sometimes I get wrapped up trying to capture the moment & end up missing what is right in front of me. Spring is here. Gray and rainy today. here, nonetheless... we made it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Kings of Rhythm CD Listening Party hosted by Victory

Good times, indeed...tons of family & friends in attendance, awesome slide show, great music (as always) provided by the frightfully funky New Kings of Rhythm.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Racing Day!

(no, not that kind of racing day...) Racing Day, it's Racing Day Racing Day, it's Racing Day It's not doily-lacing day Today's the day we race! My favorite Backyardigans episode is on...I'm watching it alone as my son snores beside me on the couch. Passed out. Guess he's skipping a bath & stories tonight. Oh, to be four again...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming In From the Cold...

The first day of spring brought snow flurries, a last-minute ride with Cati, followed by an impromptu dinner with Liz (all long overdue, except the flurries). and it was freaking chilly outside! Brrrr... After crashing on the trashy downhill beneath the trestle, I was left with my head and neck aching all night...afraid to take my new sleep aid, I tossed and turned fitfully all. night. long. In a matter of hours, I conjured bold, new plans for myself...great ideas & schemes & dreams...of course, by morning they were POOF gone & forgotten. It was suggested that I revel in my night-owlness & reset my internal clock (the first step toward healthy sleep habits). The new plan is to not even attempt to go to bed until well after midnight, then expose myself to massive amounts of light upon waking at 6am (doctor's orders)... I shall comply. Yes, I am still harping on this.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Meant It

Well... I broke a sweat when I was stuck in the car wash. Did I say stuck? I meant trapped. And when I wrote the check for two hundred dollars for my son's dental appointment. And when the mailman left the orange note on the front door because I missed a certified letter. And when the bank teller politely informed me, "No such account exists." (oops...that was because I gave her the number from a savings account I closed, oh, probably nineteen years ago)... And when I thought my son may have eaten a piece of candy with peanut in it... I also broke a sweat riding my bike...the way it's supposed to be. Am I a dork because I like riding my mountain bike on the road?? There is nothing better to me than riding over to some of my favorite trails, playing in the woods, then pedalling home exhausted, yet overjoyed. Pretty green shoots are poking up out of the dirt in my front yard. Last year, I planted some bulbs and I think I may have done it right!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mean What You Say

This week I vow to: Break a sweat every day (ride, run, trainer, hike, yoga, freaking push-ups...whatever...something, somehow, every day...) Take the remainder of the Christmas lights down (there are a few stragglers, but at least Santa-pedalling up-the-hill is packed away) make plans, stick to them... Easy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's About Time...

I just completed the twelve page interview for my upcoming appointment with a sleep disorder specialist. Man...I've got (sleep) problems! Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Until it is Warm Enough to Spend the Day Outside...

not unlike our real-life grocery haul...all carbs "I AM IRON MAN...neh neh neh neh neh neh neh neh..." Inspired by the Cantina Scene...Max Rebo Band
Vroooom...later, Mom
Chased Diablo around the newly relocated Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park...With my dad along for the fun, we fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, played music in the rainforest (I found a cowbell and couldn't resist shouting, "Go BP! Go BP!"), filled a shopping cart with all manner of baked goods and sugary treats, created a street rod, rode a bus...the headache and ringing ears were worth the smile on my kid's face...
Fun day with Grampy, long overdue.

I Haven't Touched My Bike, But...

I have baked a German Chocolate Cake (from was lovely), visited NYC (for the third time in my life), seen David Byrne (for the third time in recent months), revisited Glen Onoko for another stab at ice climbing, stayed (mostly) away from white/refined sugar (including BP's latest shipment of Italian Chocolate), played at the new Please Touch Museum (fun, but soooooo noisy), formulated plans for the spring and summer without considering the MASS schedule (just can't get excited about mountain bike racing this year), claimed my prize custom fork from Independent Fabrications (and in turn, started scheming/dreaming up a bike build), watched the dust gather on the trainer, tried a new sleep aid (lunesta) with mixed results, grown my hair longer still (very tempted to chop chop chop it off), and started a new book...