Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming In From the Cold...

The first day of spring brought snow flurries, a last-minute ride with Cati, followed by an impromptu dinner with Liz (all long overdue, except the flurries). and it was freaking chilly outside! Brrrr... After crashing on the trashy downhill beneath the trestle, I was left with my head and neck aching all night...afraid to take my new sleep aid, I tossed and turned fitfully all. night. long. In a matter of hours, I conjured bold, new plans for myself...great ideas & schemes & dreams...of course, by morning they were POOF gone & forgotten. It was suggested that I revel in my night-owlness & reset my internal clock (the first step toward healthy sleep habits). The new plan is to not even attempt to go to bed until well after midnight, then expose myself to massive amounts of light upon waking at 6am (doctor's orders)... I shall comply. Yes, I am still harping on this.

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