Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Meant It

Well... I broke a sweat when I was stuck in the car wash. Did I say stuck? I meant trapped. And when I wrote the check for two hundred dollars for my son's dental appointment. And when the mailman left the orange note on the front door because I missed a certified letter. And when the bank teller politely informed me, "No such account exists." (oops...that was because I gave her the number from a savings account I closed, oh, probably nineteen years ago)... And when I thought my son may have eaten a piece of candy with peanut in it... I also broke a sweat riding my bike...the way it's supposed to be. Am I a dork because I like riding my mountain bike on the road?? There is nothing better to me than riding over to some of my favorite trails, playing in the woods, then pedalling home exhausted, yet overjoyed. Pretty green shoots are poking up out of the dirt in my front yard. Last year, I planted some bulbs and I think I may have done it right!

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