Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lost, lost, lost, lost...

freaking out a little... wide awake, insomnia is back with a vengeance...tried in vain to wear myself out today. Just can't sail through the sleep thing... We'll see if Friday's follow-up with Dr. Sleepgood brings any revelations. (fingers crossed for me, please) Everything else is kind of a whirlwind & kind of a standstill all at once lately...rides are scattered and random (steal an hour here, plan a six hour epic there), work, the weekends are swallowed up as fast as the first load of laundry is done, time with my son precious (this age absolutely blows my mind) and my head is just spinning... positively spinning. Feels like I can't get ahead or catch up, yet I don't exactly feel like I am falling behind either... not complaining, though certainly not gloating. not me. Go some raffle tickets to benefit the HERA foundation, then register for Granogue... can't believe I am not racing Granogue this year. Go REGISTER FOR GRANOGUE, please.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Care for some eggs with your toast?

Once upon a time, (several days ago), I agreed to a six hour ride (or "training camp," as it were, for the Stoopid 50)... Six hours? Okay...sure. White Clay. Middle Run. Fair Hill. White Clay. 5+ hours of actual ride time, mileage unknown to me...(doesn't matter)...beautiful pace, perfect weather, excellent company. That is the most time I ever spent on a bike (consecutive hours). I didn't feel like toast until the very end...after I ate up the last road climb. I'm proud of myself. just wanted to document this, I know that it happened and that it was actually fun. so, so very hungry...perhaps I will take myself out to breakfast in the morning. I may sleep through breakfast.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue Marsh

So, we are plunging down a steep, windy descent, maybe 15 miles into our ride....wooooo-hooooo...we pause at the bottom as a pack of six or seven Mennonite girls come charging down the trail opposite us. They are wearing their modest cotton gloves, no helmets, no joke...bikes heavy as tanks with full-size bottles of Gatorade and backpacks (like good old Jansport book bag backpacks)... They warn me & BP of the hill ahead (the one they just came positively barreling down, flat pedals and all...) After exchanging pleasantries, they motor along, out of sight in no time...motoring. Suddenly, I don't feel much like a badass at all. What a fantastic, blistering ride...I forgot what it feels like to be in the saddle that long...forgot what it feels like to nearly get lost at the tail-end of a 30 mile ride...perfect pace, excellent company, beautiful scenery. Those climbs,, they are few, but they are staggering. What fun!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hard Feelings

I offended a friend yesterday (well, I suppose I offended him a while ago, but only yesterday did he feel the need to let me know)...he made it abundantly clear. Via text. I am the first to admit my social ineptitude most of the time...I loathe talking on the phone...Although I am hardly shy, I have gone out of my way to avoid face-to-face contact with some of my closest friends or peers on more than one occasion...for no reason. No explanation, no excuse...just the way I am sometimes. So. Texting, e-mail, facebook(ing?)'s gotten to me. All are a means of further avoiding direct, human contact with my (real) friends. What the???? Upon exchanging several heartfelt, aggravating texts, I was left hurt & even more confused...I should have just called him (or God forbid, showed up at the shop for an actual conversation). Nope. I let it go for fact, I turned my phone on silent and went about my day. I was looking forward to meeting my neighbor for dinner...we are both single moms, navigating similar waters lately with much to catch up on. After exchanging several facebook emails, we agreed to meet at a restaurant in West Chester (I would head over after my yoga class several blocks away)... Arriving on time, I grabbed a table for two and ordered a Delirium (always on tap!). Halfway through my beer, I realized I was still waiting. Checked my missed call, no text. Finished my beer...still waiting. I waited 40 minutes...I could have called her out of concern, but I ordered a cheese plate and another beer instead. (her car was safely parked in her driveway, front porch light on when I drove down our street)... I need to get over myself and pick up the phone sometimes... this is silly.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anything Else?

I'm stress-eating all the Easter candy I can get my hands on...the Cadbury mini-eggs are history. Let me break down my day (I need to see what it looks like): 6:20am- My son bounds into the bathroom, where I peer from behind the shower curtain to find his right eye crusty & swollen shut. Awesome. Pink eye. (Pink Eye, though hardly, or of much consequence at all, is a nuisance...4 year-olds generally loathe eye drops...I need at least 4 more hands to administer them) 6:40am- scramble to find a sitter (can't send him to Lisa's where he will pass on the offending conjunctivitis to all the other kids) 6:45am- My mom saves the day and my morning is back on track...I may even be on time! 6:47am- Hurriedly dashing around the bathroom ,wielding mascara & a comb, I nick my head on the open medicine cabinet...ow!! 6:50am- Tearing through the kitchen in search of keys and name tag, I run into a wall and clock the other side of my head. Yes, I did. We're going to skip over the work portion of the day. I will say, I am getting really grossed out by teenage boys who don't brush their teeth. It makes my job unpleasant. 6:50pm- (12 hours from when I banged my head on the kitchen wall) While doing the dishes (the dishes that have been piling up since Sunday), the light fixture above me lets out a weird & alarming whhhhhhhirrrrr/zzzzzzhhhhh then POP!, the light bulb & part of the fixture falls to the floor and black smoke pours from what is left in the ceiling... Yeah, that's where I'll just stop the little play-by-play of my Tuesday... The house is not on fire, thankfully...though, it sure smells that way. My son is asleep. The dishes are done. I still have not eaten dinner. Wait, did I even have lunch??! 9:08pm- Mommy is cracking open a nice, cold Red Stripe. Cheers!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still...Consider Any/Everything

For the first time in a while, the house is coughing 4 year-old, no Wonder Pets or Clone Wars (we cover the full spectrum here), no dumping Legos... All I can hear is the humming washing machine and the rain. It's been an odd week...following an odd week before that. I turned 34 and considered some possibilities (like changing jobs, mending a relationship, and registering for a road race to name a few). Again, possibilities. I felt huge defeat following a truly crappy situation at my son's preschool, which forced me to pull him out immediately and scramble for childcare. Negligence (or ambivalence) coupled with a life-threatening allergy is never good for anyone involved. I felt a smaller defeat at work upon realizing I was the target for more than a few days in a row (we all have those days, right?)...You feel like you are doing more harm than good and your superior is no stranger to delivering that message loud & clear...and everyone can hear. Sigh. But, that week is behind me. It is Saturday. I'm going to sort and fold an enormous pile of clean laundry. I'm going to take a hot bath and a long nap.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Not a Badass

More often than not, I am chasing someone...through the woods, up a climb, down a hill... whatever. The exception to that rule is when I am riding alone or if I am out front, which is rare (I like to be out front sometimes as it builds confidence, makes me ride a little faster...blah blah blah)...but, most times I am relegated to the back (or back-ish). Yesterday, my dad and I convened at Marsh Creek...I led us around most of the old race course until BP got feisty on the first long, smooth descent and passed me in a blur. To the back...okay, okay. Knowing it was going to be a fairly short ride, I wasn't afraid to use up all my guts and gusto to keep up with him...pacing was hardly an issue (though I do love how I have to turn myself inside out to barely stick with my dad's recovery/casual pace). Anyway. Approaching a new-ish little bog lined with totally ridable sticks/limbs (in that lovely corduroy bridge fashion), I stuffed my front wheel and clumsily took the brunt of my mistake to my nether regions. I like to call this particular bungle Double Jeopardy, as the saddle thwarted me, followed by the top tube. How in the??? Doesn't matter...all I have to say, nearly twenty-four hours later, is effing ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Anyway. Clearly I have some work to do with my technique for approaching logs and such with the rigid set-up. Duh. The remainder of our ride found my head whirling & swirling with all my silly gaffes and bungles on the signature moves, if you will. I've (mostly) conquered the clipping in thing...I used to be so bent on staying out of my pedals for anything other than the smoothest, flattest trail imaginable...I still catch myself going clah-click and releasing my feet before encountering a large obstacle (or occasional tiny twig, if it's God forbid diagonal), but truly stay clipped in most of the time. That only took about 3 years. Yesterday's ride taught me two things: 1) Always have your machines ready (my Salsa sits in my garage, still covered in dry mud from Marysville, 4 days later)...I am not blaming the other bike for my silly goof yesterday, but once again...ow. 2) There is work to be done. Always. (this spring/summer I look forward to working on skills and maybe even is not a priority...I want to be smooth before I try to be fast again) This bruise looks like a jellyfish!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Marysville Team Relay 09

Amy and Diane (or Monkey...of BAD FAT MONKEY KAT) Wes Rich (one fourth of our relay team) Kat (...or Bad Kat...of, you know it, BAD FAT MONKEY KAT) Michelle!! Loretta & Blake 1st Day of Summer Camp? Kinda
Several weeks ago, I was invited to be a part of a relay team for this year's Open...rrrrrr, that means I have to "show up" show up-show rally my inner racer and grin and grimace through my laps and try to kick some proverbial ass and...but, I'm not really into this right now...I haven't been thinking about racing...but, it's my new teeeeam...I get to wear my new kit (!!!!!)...awwww, man...
"Sure! Thanks!"
So, that is why I woke up at 6am yesterday and found myself gleefully zooming along the turnpike, music positively blaring, belly flip-flopping with pre-race butterfly/nerves...
Arriving at the farm felt like the first day of summer camp (I was never a summer camp kid, but I imagine it feels much like this) ...familiar ground, familiar faces, same exact vibe.
This was also my first time settling in for the day with my new team (I have somehow, through the magic of my stellar agent and something called serendipity, joined the Dark Side, C3-Sollay). Fatmarc & Monkey were gracious in making me feel welcome...not unlike being the new neighbor at a block party. I think I will feel at home in no time.
The race itself was a muddy, windy, sloshy, greasy, punchy mess of flow, all go.
My lap times were hardly dazzling, but I rode clean & moved quickly off the bike...the climbs were awesome, definitely still my strength (yay, I was afraid those legs were gone).
Our team (Rich, Jan, Meatball, and me) was seamless and good-natured...everyone rocked their laps, no casualties, no bungles...
The cookies are history (just S'Mores Break-n-Bake...come on, I was sick all week).
I feel a little bit destroyed today, which I don't completely understand (yes, I am still recovering from being under the weather, but I rode 4 short was a four hour relay race...). I mean, I am truly destroyed.
So. Much. Fun.
Destroyed?? My goodness.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How Do I...?

How do I get ready for a mountain bike race?? I kinda forget. I know there is a black and yellow bag that I'm supposed to stuff with a helmet, shoes, ummm... Some Shot Bloks? A tube? Do I have a little pump somewhere? Arm warmers that match? Is my jacket around here? Is it clean? Water bottles...yeaaaah, um, where have they all gone?? Ew, I'm afraid to look... What else? I don't have a MASS number, so I don't have to scurry around searching high & low for that. Jeez. Cookies? I was gonna bake cookies. You know, for after... It's coming back to me. I think "cookies" sort of nailed it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


counting the days til the Marysville Relay... last year was all about the birthday, avoiding real life, pinatas, the New Kings of Rhythm, feeling fitter than ever, making new friends, sparkly jerseys... This year, I just want to survive my laps and not be an embarrassment to my (new) team. Thankfully, flu-like symptoms (yes, on April Fools Day, appropriately enough) have decided to plague me on my day off.