Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue Marsh

So, we are plunging down a steep, windy descent, maybe 15 miles into our ride....wooooo-hooooo...we pause at the bottom as a pack of six or seven Mennonite girls come charging down the trail opposite us. They are wearing their modest cotton gloves, no helmets, no joke...bikes heavy as tanks with full-size bottles of Gatorade and backpacks (like good old Jansport book bag backpacks)... They warn me & BP of the hill ahead (the one they just came positively barreling down, flat pedals and all...) After exchanging pleasantries, they motor along, out of sight in no time...motoring. Suddenly, I don't feel much like a badass at all. What a fantastic, blistering ride...I forgot what it feels like to be in the saddle that long...forgot what it feels like to nearly get lost at the tail-end of a 30 mile ride...perfect pace, excellent company, beautiful scenery. Those climbs,, they are few, but they are staggering. What fun!

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Suki said...

Oh how I love me the blue marsh loop. besides having sissy baby bail outs (which I opt for...often...), its about 4 minutes from my house.

don't you DARE ride it again without giving a bitch a call, capishe?

(not that I would ride it HAHAHAHAH no, no, no...I wouldn't meet you to ride...but there would be some gluten free cookie dough involved, I'm sure)