Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hard Feelings

I offended a friend yesterday (well, I suppose I offended him a while ago, but only yesterday did he feel the need to let me know)...he made it abundantly clear. Via text. I am the first to admit my social ineptitude most of the time...I loathe talking on the phone...Although I am hardly shy, I have gone out of my way to avoid face-to-face contact with some of my closest friends or peers on more than one occasion...for no reason. No explanation, no excuse...just the way I am sometimes. So. Texting, e-mail, facebook(ing?)'s gotten to me. All are a means of further avoiding direct, human contact with my (real) friends. What the???? Upon exchanging several heartfelt, aggravating texts, I was left hurt & even more confused...I should have just called him (or God forbid, showed up at the shop for an actual conversation). Nope. I let it go for fact, I turned my phone on silent and went about my day. I was looking forward to meeting my neighbor for dinner...we are both single moms, navigating similar waters lately with much to catch up on. After exchanging several facebook emails, we agreed to meet at a restaurant in West Chester (I would head over after my yoga class several blocks away)... Arriving on time, I grabbed a table for two and ordered a Delirium (always on tap!). Halfway through my beer, I realized I was still waiting. Checked my missed call, no text. Finished my beer...still waiting. I waited 40 minutes...I could have called her out of concern, but I ordered a cheese plate and another beer instead. (her car was safely parked in her driveway, front porch light on when I drove down our street)... I need to get over myself and pick up the phone sometimes... this is silly.

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airing out said...

For what it is worth, I hate phone conversation too. Hate hate hate. And facebook/livejournal/email has just made me that much more of a real life hermit.