Sunday, April 5, 2009

Marysville Team Relay 09

Amy and Diane (or Monkey...of BAD FAT MONKEY KAT) Wes Rich (one fourth of our relay team) Kat (...or Bad Kat...of, you know it, BAD FAT MONKEY KAT) Michelle!! Loretta & Blake 1st Day of Summer Camp? Kinda
Several weeks ago, I was invited to be a part of a relay team for this year's Open...rrrrrr, that means I have to "show up" show up-show rally my inner racer and grin and grimace through my laps and try to kick some proverbial ass and...but, I'm not really into this right now...I haven't been thinking about racing...but, it's my new teeeeam...I get to wear my new kit (!!!!!)...awwww, man...
"Sure! Thanks!"
So, that is why I woke up at 6am yesterday and found myself gleefully zooming along the turnpike, music positively blaring, belly flip-flopping with pre-race butterfly/nerves...
Arriving at the farm felt like the first day of summer camp (I was never a summer camp kid, but I imagine it feels much like this) ...familiar ground, familiar faces, same exact vibe.
This was also my first time settling in for the day with my new team (I have somehow, through the magic of my stellar agent and something called serendipity, joined the Dark Side, C3-Sollay). Fatmarc & Monkey were gracious in making me feel welcome...not unlike being the new neighbor at a block party. I think I will feel at home in no time.
The race itself was a muddy, windy, sloshy, greasy, punchy mess of flow, all go.
My lap times were hardly dazzling, but I rode clean & moved quickly off the bike...the climbs were awesome, definitely still my strength (yay, I was afraid those legs were gone).
Our team (Rich, Jan, Meatball, and me) was seamless and good-natured...everyone rocked their laps, no casualties, no bungles...
The cookies are history (just S'Mores Break-n-Bake...come on, I was sick all week).
I feel a little bit destroyed today, which I don't completely understand (yes, I am still recovering from being under the weather, but I rode 4 short was a four hour relay race...). I mean, I am truly destroyed.
So. Much. Fun.
Destroyed?? My goodness.

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Zach said...

Thats the stop and go f'n with your legs. Don't worry, we were all destroyed. Go slam in a 15 minute power lap and stop for 45 minutes. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Thats bad.